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Carnelian Bracelets

Carnelian is a form of quartz and has been used since ancient times. It is supposed to be the symbol for the Apostle Philip. Its rich colour made it much admired in jewelry and especially in signet rings and seals.

Carnelian is also the Arabic birthstone for July, the Hebrew birthstone for August and an alternate Hebrew birthstone for May, the Italian birthstone for August, and an astrological birthstone for both Leo and Virgo.

Do you work in a place where negativity reigns? Wear carnelian since it is believed to dispel negative vibrations and protect us against them. Carnelian is also believed to boost our creativity.

carnelian braceletMiles to Mesilla
Carnelian bracelet features orangey-red carnelian and sterling silver rounds that are intricately decorated. Four charms hang around the bracelet: a dragonfly, a carnelian donut, a filigree drop, and a double spiral. All sterling silver.

carnelian bracelet71.99
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carnelian braceletFlowers in the Desert
These luscious carnelian medium orange nuggets are fantastic with three gorgeous cloisonne beads. Each bead boasts a blue turquoise flower and a single rhinestone in its middle. Vermeil accents, including a Bali vermeil flower charm, add to the bright effect of this carnelian bracelet. If you love carnelian and cloisonne, this is the perfect bracelet for you!

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carnelian bracelet

carnelian braceletCactus Flower
Carnelian bracelet has a wonderful carnelian carved flower as its centerpiece; a dark red carved carnelian flower is on one side of the decorated vermeil toggle clasp and a red tulip on the other. A lighter tulip is on the opposite side of the bracelet. The shades of carnelian range from orange to dark red. All the components of metal are of gold vermeil including two beads stars next to the largest flower.

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carnelian bracelet

carnelian braceletLove in Laredo
Wonderful chunky faceted carnelian nuggets are soooo pretty when combined with artist's lampwork beads in deep turquoise, light blue, and orange and with gold vermeil beads and charms. The little gold charms include 2 flowers and a dragonfly. The gold accents are lacy-like and the beads are shaped like little flowers. A plain gold toggle clasp is the closure.

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carnelian bracelet

carnelian braceletHearts on Fire
Carnelian takes several forms in this bracelet from large smooth olive beads to smooth rectangles, faceted rounds and a carved tulip bead. A beaded sterling toggle clasp is the closure. Thai Karen Hill Tribes heart charms hang from three different places on the bracelet. A tiny little cabochon carnelian hangs beside the middle of the bracelet.

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"The popularity of the carnelian as a talismanic stone among Mohammedan peoples is said to be due to the fact that the Prophet himself wore, on the little finger of his right hand, a silver ring set with a carnelian engraved for use as a seal." One of the Imams, Jafar "...declared that all the desires of any man who wore this stone would be gratified." from The Curious Lore of Precious Stones by Kunz


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