Coral necklaces are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Coral Necklaces

Our coral necklaces are made with genuine coral, both natural and occasionally dyed. Today coral is dyed a variety of colours, but we still love the classic reds, blues, and pink/peaches.
Cluny likes to mix coral with lampwork beads, sterling silver, gold fill, sterling silver, freshwater and cultured pearls and mother of pearl. Remember that most of our coral necklaces can have an extension chain added free of charge.

Note to our great International Customers: Please pay for shipping for your coral necklace by going to our Shipping Information page.

Coral Necklaces with Gemstones

coral necklacePoseidon's Secrets
The secret here is the wonderful genuine white coral branches on this wonderful necklace. The fantastic sharply faceted nuggets are of pink Botswana agate. Some of our favorite Karen Hill Tribes beads are here: the large sterling starfish on either side of the necklace. The S clasp has a starfish on top, too, and is also from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The colours and patterns of the pink Botswana agate are beautiful.

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coral necklace


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This wonderful coral necklace is perfect for summer days and nights. The combination of lapis lazuli, coral, clear Swarovski crystals and sterling silver make the necklace extremely versatile. This necklace will go with almost all of your summer clothes! The focal of the coral necklace is a large three-branched coral Swarovski crystal clear coral with a little shower of coral rondelles above it. The lapis is in the form of flat faceted nuggets, and round and oval smooth lapis gems. The "S" clasp has a lapis cabochon embedded in the center. Coral necklace is a personal favorite!

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Coral Necklaces with Lampwork Beads

coral necklace with slices of red coral and lampwork beadsTepati
Coral and gold are wonderful together! This coral necklace not only has large coral disks and gold vermeil, but the extra touch of wonderfully colored artist's lampwork beads that add a punch of color. Gold vermeil toggle clasp is the closure. The front of the necklace consists of large chunky coral disks; the upper part has large flat smooth oval coral pieces, and finally little smooth coral rondelles.

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coral necklace has peach coral and lampwork beadsMabula
Soft peachy-pink coral mixes with lampwork beads , freshwater pearls, and sterling silver. This is a wonderful coral necklace with its spiky branches of coral running arund the necklace. The closure is a sterling silver toggle clasp. The artist's lampwork beads are borosilicate beads which means that they are encased in clear and have a wonderful depth of color. Coral necklace is a new classic!

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coral necklace

Coral Necklace - Red Coral Necklaces

Coral has been popular as a material for jewelry for thousands of years. Believing that wearing coral jewelry could protect children from danger, the ancient Romans made coral necklaces and bracelets for their little ones. They also thought that coral could diagonose diseases by changing its colour as well as cure snake and scorpion bites.

We may mix different corals in our coral necklaces.

coral necklace with coral and wooden beadsZuri
Zuri is a coral necklace made with thick coral ovals mixed with vermeil-like gold beads (these beads are gold plated over copper while true vermeil is gold plated over sterling; the benefit is that these beads are less expensive than regular vermeil where you are paying for the price of sterling silver plus the price of the gold used to plate the beads). Wooden beads with geometric designs add an exotic or ethnic touch to the necklace. The dangling charms are made of vermeil beads.

larger image
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Coral is one of the oldest jewelry materials found on earth, and was used even in prehistoric times.
To make sure that your coral necklace lasts and stays beautiful, keep it away from harsh chemicals since coral is porous. Since it has a hardness of only 3 on the Moh's scale, do not treat it roughly, and do not let harder gemstones in your other jewelry rub against your coral necklace.

Coral Necklaces - Black Coral Necklaces

coralOn the Island

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To clean your coral necklaces, simply wipe gently with a barely damp cloth. Do not swim in your coral necklaces since coral is highly polished and you will dull its shine.