Fluorite jewelry is handmade from genuine fluorite
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Fluorite Jewelry

Fluorite is known as the "collector's gemstone" because of its beauty and varied colors. Only tourmaline comes in more colors than fluorite. Because it is a soft gemstone with perfect cleavage, you won't find rings made of fluorite or generally jewelry with set stones. The name fluorite comes from "flow" because this gemstone actually melts and flows when exposed to high heat (in fact, it is used in foundries).
Fluorite is believed by many to relieve stress and therefore actsas an aid to sleep. Both green and blue fluorite are known as calming stones with an ability to soothe both the heart and the mind. Many people believe that the gemstone has the power to cleanse the air of negative energy, and that when worn, it will increase one's sensitivity and intuition.
Some people also refer to fluorite as fluorite crystal.

fluorite jewelryThe Blue Guitar

  • Blue fluorite faceted nuggets
  • Sterling silver beads and toggle clasp

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fluorite jewelry

fluorite jewelryWater Music

  • Rainbow fluorite in greens, purples, translucent
  • Sterling silver beads
  • Sterling silver "S" clasp topped with a flower from Karen Hill Tribes
  • Artist's lampwork beads

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fluorite braceletSOLDDreams of an ArtistSOLD
Fluorite is a gemstone believed to heighten mental abilities and increase intuition. The bracelet here has some exceptionally beautiful blue fluorite nuggets (all faceted) known for spiritual awakening. Fluorite is believed to "link the mind to universal consciousness." Two strands of beautiful fluorite in greens, purples, and blues are accented by sterling silver that I import directly from Bali. Holding the two strands together is a sterling box clasp with a bezel-set faceted triangular amethyst. Absorb the negative energy around you and live positively on a higher plane with beauty!

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fluorite bracelet

fluorite jewelrySOLDWalk on the Wild SideSOLD
Two luscious strands of green and purple fluorite, a sterling clasp with a faceted amethyst, a one of a kind artist's lampwork bead for a focal, it's no wonder I love this bracelet! The soft greens and purples of fluorite are echoed by the lampwork bead, a lentil decorated with tiny flowers. Plenty of sterling silver accents including sterling beads we import from Bali add their gleam and texture to the bracelet. Don't just wear it with green and purple; it looks great with black, white, pink, cream, gray, and blue as well!

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fluorite jewelryDestiny of a Stargazer
A beautiful dichroic bead is at the center of this fluorite bracelet. The faceted fluorite nuggets, rondelles, and pumpkin bead come in a rainbow of colors, different greens, a gorgeous blue, purples, some of the colors mixed in the same bead. The second strand features our favorite sterling silver chain from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. From it dangle 5 sterling silver charms. A sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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fluorite jewelryfluorite jewelry fluorite jewelry

fluorite bracelet is double-stranded with fluorite in green and purple with lampwork beadsAn Ode to My Love
I love fluorite bracelet for several reasons. The sterling silver toggle clasp with its twining sterling silver design with flowers is unique. The double strand bracelet has fluorite on both strands as well as artist's lampwork beads and sterling silver. The colors of the fluorite include deep to light purple and light green.

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fluorite braceletDanielle
The focal of this fluorite bracelet is a beautiful artist's lampwork beads with the colors of the fluorite mixed with a creamy color. The purple and green tones look wonderful together. A great sterling silver heart toggle has a bezel-set cabochon of malachite set in it. Little charms hang from one side of the bracelet.

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fluorite braceletWhen Flowers Dream
The artist's lampwork beads are some of the most fantastic we've ever had! They merge wonderfully with the soft colors of the fluorite and add a new texture and different dimension to the bracelet. Little charms hang from three different places around the bracelet making this fluorite bracelet both feminine and noticeable! Sterling silver accents and toggle clasp.

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fluorite bracelet

fluorite braceletSOLDContradictionSOLD
This fluorite set consists of a bracelet and earrings.

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fluorite braceletSOLDThe Woman WarriorSOLD

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Fluorite was discovered in 1529; it's name comes from "to flow" and the term fluoresence was coined because of the way that fluorite glows when exposed to black light.