Garnet bracelets are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Garnet Bracelets

Garnet bracelets are great for everday as well as for dress-up! Garnets can have a discreet sparkle when facted that is perfect for wearing at the office as well as out to dinner. Deep red garnets are also extremely versatile in your wardrobe since they look good with almost every color that you can think of. Darker garnets are especially beautiful on fairer skin.

Garnet is a beautiful gemstone that comes in several different colours, not just the dark red that we are so accustomed to. The name garnet comes from pomegranate because the stone resembles the little red seeds that one finds upon opening the fruit. Garnets are fairly durable with a hardness on the Moh's scale of 7 - 71/2.
From a metaphysical point of view: Garnets are believed to help with inflammation and to improve the circulatory system. Garnets are said to stimulate passion and personal creativity as well as calm anger, especially anger towards oneself. Many believe they improve moral conduct. Garnets are said to renew love and aid the wearer to communicate emotions more openly.
Garnet is the birthstone for January.

See the Garnet Bracelet with Cloisonne.
Our garnet bracelets are made with genuine garnets, and our silver garnet bracelets with sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Garnet Bracelets

sterling silver garnet braceletSOLDLove and TeardropsSOLD
Beautiful faceted garnet teardrops give this bracelet a scalloped look that is quite feminine and very easy to wear since the teardrops lie flat on the wrist. Sterling silver rectangular toggle clasp. Perfect for everyday and dressy wear!

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sterling silver garnet bracelet

sterling silver garnet braceletSOLDPrimordial FireSOLD
Two strands of garnets mix with sterling silver. One strand consists entirely of garnet rondelles; the other strand features larger faceted nuggets accented by sterling silver and accompanied by sterling silver beads and sterling silver charms. The charms include a large pendant like sterling charm with a faceted garnet in it, a horseshoe for luck, a star, a fleur de lis, and half of the yin/yang symbol. All are sterling silver. All genuine garnets.

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garnet bracelet

sterling silver garnet braceletAmore
This is really 2 bracelets in one since one strand features pretty smooth garnets in a larger size that can be hard to find, and the second strand is made up of charms hanging from a Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver chain. Plenty of sterling silver accents the garnet strand; the chain dangles charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes including two little bezel-set garnet charms and 2 leaf charms. The middle charm is pendant like charm with a bezel set garnet cabochon.

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garnet bracelet

sterling silver garnet braceletVeritas
Garnet bracelet with a single sterling silver curved bead on top that dangles little charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. A pretty leaf toggle clasp in sterling silver is the closure. The garnets are little round beads.

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sterling silver garnet bracelet

sterling silver garnet braceletMarita
This bracelet features beautiful borosilicate beads - lovely swirls of different tones of red encased in clear glass - made by one of our favorite lampwork artists accompanied by sterling silver and differently shaped garnet beads. Garnet gemstone charms hang near the front of the bracelet, a twisted sterling spiral hangs to one side; a sturdy silver toggle clasp is the closure. We will size this garnet bracelet to fit you; let us know your wrist size since you may need a larger size than usual.

larger image
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sterling silver garnet braceletBohemian Rhapsody
Garnet bracelet features garnets in different shapes and sizes as well as artist's lampwork beads and sterling silver. The curvy toggle clasp of sterling silver is decorated with pretty flowers giving the bracelet a feminine touch. The larger strand has a pendant-like sterling silver charm with a bezel-set garnet This garnet bracelet has definite presence! Personal favorite.

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sterling silver garnet braceletJohari
Six luscious strands of garnets of different shapes and sizes are punctuated by three lovely rose quartz gemstones. But what really makes this garnet bracelet is the wonderful sterling silver clasp with its cabochon garnets (7 of them) bezel set in its top. Garnets are wonderful gemstones. Their dark red colour means that they can accompany many different outfits (this would look great with pink) and they look fantastic in both summer and winter. This garnet bracelet will look great at the office, with your jeans, and fantastic with a cocktail dress. One of our most versatile bracelets! Personal favorite!

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garnet bracelet with dark red garnets and gold-filled accents
garnet bracelet

sterling silver garnet braceletIn the Pink
Lampwork beads in a dark burgundy colour are the perfect accompaniment to the garnets in this bracelet and the rose quartz gemstones give an extra pop! of colour. The gemstones in this garnet bracelet are much larger than the garnets one usually finds. Charms and Bali sterling silver accents add a whimsical touch.

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Red garnets were the most commonly used gemstones in the Late Antique Roman world.

Rose quartz adds interest to this sterling silver garnet braceletSoftly
The pink of rose quartz gives a softer, more feminine look to this garnet bracelet. Two flat faceted garnet nuggets flank a large rose quartz rectangle. Medium-sized and small rose quartz and garnet beads make up the rest of the bracelet. The special toggle clasp is perfect for a mixed gemstone garnet bracelet; it has cabochon garnets set in both ends of the toggle bar. All sterling silver.

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sterling silver garnet braceletThe Advent of Spring
Creamy white mother of pearl diamonds and rounded rectangles are the perfect contrast to the dark red garnets in the garnet bracelet that you see here. Feminine and pretty, the garnet bracelet also features two flower charms and three smaller beaded star charms hanging at intervals around the bracelet. The special sterling silver toggle clasp is in the shape of a butterfly. A great combination bracelet that is for all seasons!

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Garnets are found in many colors including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, pink and colorless. The blue garnet, discovered in the late 1990s in Bekily, Madagascar, is the rarest of all garnets.

sterling silver garnet bracelet with pink Peruvian opals and lampwork beadScintillate
Pink is always pretty, but pink opal is really special. Add garnets and a larger than usual lampwork bead that is square with two shades of pink (matte and opal) and a sprinkling of sterling silver across its middle and this garnet bracelet is particularly unique. The pink faceted stones are some of the prettiest pink Peruvian opals I've ever had. A pretty lacy sterling silver toggle adds to the femininity and for contrast there is a round flower embossed bead and a rectangular one, both in sterling silver as well. Delicious! And think of all the outfits this will go with!

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garnet bracelet with dark red garnets and gold-filled accents

Garnet bracelets will go with most of the clothing in your closet. Garnets basically work as a neutral in certain wardrobes, just the way bright red works with most of their clothing for some people who wear dramatic colours. I have a dark red garnet bracelet that is fabulous even with pastel clothing.

Garnet Bracelets

sterling silver garnet bracelet with rondelles of garnet and multiple sterling silver chainsFruit for the Goddess
Interesting, eclectic garnet bracelet features 4 different types and sizes of sterling silver chain as well as a pretty sterling flower charm hanging from a large hammered oval ring, and a sterling silver toggle clasp. The half strand of garnets features smooth rondelles and faceted rectangles; little garnet charms hang from one of the sterling chains on the same side. A circlet of garnets hangs charmlike from near the center of the bracelet. All sterling silver.121.99
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sterling silver garnet bracelet with banglesSOLDGenevraSOLD
Garnet bangle bracelet boasts three large nuggets, special bangles from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes, and a special toggle clasp with cabochon garnets in the ends of the toggle bars. The perfect bracelet to wear every day - dressed for work or for going out.

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Gold Garnet Bracelets

gold garnet braceletTres Chic
I love garnet bracelets with gold and wear one myself almost daily that is a bit like this. Why? Because it goes with almost everything, is a no brainer to put on in the morning, and if you wear a lot of black, as I do, garnet looks great with black. It also shows up wonderfully on my fair skin. These faceted nuggets are accented with 14 karat gold-filled beads and fluted pieces. The clasp is a curved toggle clasp which fastens to a 14 karat gold-filled chain that allows you to adjust the bracelet to your favorite length. A gold-filled flower charm hangs from the end of the clasp chain for an added touch of femininity. This bracelet looks great for everyday wear as well as for dress. If you wear gold, add this to your wardrobe and you'll find yourself reaching for it constantly!

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gold garnet bracelet

Persephone's Nuggets
A garnet bracelet mixed with gold in the form of vermeil (22karat gold layered over sterling silver) has a different look - and a very rich one. Most of the vermeil on this garnet bracelet comes from the Karen Hill Tribes also, so quality of sterling silver and workmanship is excellent. The bracelet features some of the largest garnet nuggets that I've had, and they are all enclosed by rich gold vermeil. Near the center of the bracelet, Karen Hill Tribes flower charms cluster between two large garnet nuggets. A vermeil toggle clasp in a star shape is the closure.

larger image
Persephone's Nuggets
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gold garnet bracelet



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