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Ankle Bracelets are Here!

Jade Bracelets

The Chinese word for jade is "Yii" meaning "one who rules;therefore, jade was worn only by the Emperor and his family. In Chinese culture, jade was believed to have special qualities that were a mixture of the spiritual and magical, and was therefore a link between the physical world and the spiritual world.
Found in mountains and also in riverbeds, jade was even believed to have once flowed from the mountains as a liquid, a liquid which would confer a long life on those who drank it.

A word about "jade", "mountain jade", and "serpentine". Most jade that you see (and ours we are sure) isn't really true jade. Although it is sold to us as "jade", most of the brightly coloured jade, such as the red and purple jade that you can see in the jade bracelets below,is actually dolomite marble, mined in Asia, and then permanently dyed. Usually this is sold to us as "mountain jade". Other "jade" is actually "serpentine" that you will usually see in beaded jade jewelry and it is "...almost always dyed, they [serpentine gemstones] may imitate jade. The more attractive and durable varieties (all of antigorite) are termed "noble" or "precious" serpentine and are used extensively as gems and in ornamental carvings. Misleading synonyms for this material include "Korean jade", "Suzhou jade", "Styrian jade", and "New jade". (from wikipedia). To read more about "serpentine" go to Serpentine. True genuine jade is quite expensive and usually difficult for us to come by. Luckily, these other natural stones do a great job imitating jade without resorting to synthetics.

"Therefore am I distinguished Though I wear clothing made of burlap, I carry jade within my bosom." -LAO TZE, TAO TE CHING THE WAY

Jade Bracelets - Mixed Jade Bracelets

jade bracelet is made from purple, green, turquoise, and pink jade beadsLiling
Two strands of various coloured jade make up this jade bracelet with a second of sterling silver chain with jade dangles. Puple, pink, turquoise, and green all make an appearance here. Especially pretty are the carved green jade flowers and the carved pink tulip . Unique sterling silver accents add interest and texture to the bracelet. Jade bracelet can be sized to fit your wrist. All sterling silver.

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"Its gentle, smooth, glossy appearance suggests charity of heart; Its fine close texture and hardness suggests wisdom; It is firm and yet does not wound, suggesting duty to one's neighbor; It hangs down as though sinking, suggesting ceremony; Struck, it gives a clear note, long drawn out, Dying gradually away and suggesting music..." Confucius

Green Jade Bracelets

jade bracelet is made from green jade beadsBamboo by the River
Green jade and creamy white freshwater pearls are a natural mix. The jade is carved and faceted and smooth; the pearls are marquise and arrow-shaped. Both are lovely together. Pearl charms dangle from the bracelet. The sterling silver toggle clasp is a special square hand-decorated one that we imported from Bali. A jade bracelet for the purist. All sterling silver

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A jade ornament found in New Zealand bore the name hei-tiki ("a carved image for the neck"). It was in the form of a person and worn by successive generations of families of the Maoris with the ornament being buried with the last male of the family.

Jade Bracelets - Red Jade Bracelets

Artist's lampwork beads with roses are the center of attention in this jade bracelet. Only sterling silver and faceted deep pinkish red jade accompany the lampwork. The toggle clasp is in the shape of a heart.

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Pay for jade bracelets with a credit card or Paypal.