Labradorite jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Cluny Grey Jewelry; 120 West Walnut; Blytheville, AR 72315

Labradorite Jewelry

Labradorite is one of my favorite stones, a stone of flashing iridiscence found mainly in Canada, Finland, and the United States. Generally, the higher the grade of labradorite, the higher degree of blue "flash" it has.

Labradorite is also known for its metaphysical properties. It is known as the gemstone of change (perhaps because of the way it "changes" in the light?) It is a stone of transformation, of healing, and is supposed to help the wearer understand herself better.
Our labradorite jewelry is made with genuine labradorite, and the more flash, the better! We try to photograph our labradorite jewelry so that we can get a good image of the flash, but unfortunately, we are not always able to do so.

Labradorite Bracelets

labradorite jewelry is a bracelet with with three strandsThe Glow of Northern Lights
If you are a fan of labradorite jewelry, you're going to love this bracelet! Although you can't see it in every photograph, every single labradorite gemstone in this bracelet has flash, whether it is the deep blue flash we love to see or a pale green, a turquoise, or even an almost golden tone. This three-strand labradorite bracelet is made entirely of labradorite with a few touches of 14 karat gold-filled accents. It truly is a "flashy" bracelet. And I love gold with labradorite! The labradorite beads are include faceted nuggets, faceted ovals, faceted coins, smooth ovals and faceted disks. This is one that you must see in person!

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labradorite jewelry is a bracelet with with three strands
labradorite jewelry is a bracelet

labradorite braceletTallin
One strand of flashing labradorite features sharply faceted nuggets and smooth rondelles while the second strand features a Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling chain dangling 3 charms: 2 sterling hearts and an oval bezel-set labradorite gemstone. A sturdy sterling silver Bali toggle clasp is the closure. Good flash!

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labradorite bracelet

labradorite braceletSOLDVelvet OrchidSOLD
Amethyst is a wonderful mate for labradorite! This bracelet combines sharply faceted flashing labradorite nuggets with faceted gemstone amethysts of AA quality. Two strands of gemstones are complemented by sterling silver. One side of the bracelet is the amethyst cluster while the other side features labradorite and sterling silver rings featuring a plethora of little sterling gemstone charms of labradorite and amethyst. The sterling silver clasp has a flashing bezel set labradorite cabochon set atop it. Personal favorite!

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labradorite bracelet labradorite bracelet

Be careful of your labradorite jewelry; store it in the velour pouch that it comes in. Other stones and metals in jewelry can scratch and chip labradorite.

labradorite jewelryFinnish Halo
Three strands make up this bracelet; two are made of labradorite gemstones, and one is a pretty 14 karat gold-filled oval-linked chain. Each labradorite rondelle, coin or square was chosen for its particular flash. Little labradorite charms hang from the gold-filled chain. A gold-filled toggle clasp is the closure.

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labradorite jewelry

Labradorite comes from volcanic rocks, but gets its name from the Canadian Peninsula of Labrador where labradorite was first discovered. However, the best labradorite is found in Finland and is usually called Spectrolite.

labradorite jewelryBehind the North Wind
When I was little, I loved this book and all the Norse legends. The lands of the Aurora Borealis, heavy snow, and fjords seemed impossibly romantic, a land of reindeer and mystery. Castles with frosty halls and strange beings, journeys that always required a sleigh, and always, always, a search for truth, for goodness. Labradorite reminds me of all these things.
All the romance of the north is in this pretty bracelet with its flashing labradorite and its delicately chased sterling silver from the Thai Karen Hill tribes and from Bali. The bracelet contains three strands with charms dangling from the mostly silver strand. A hefty hand-decorated beaded sterling toggle clasp is the closure.

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labradorite jewelry

labradorite braceletTammela
A one strand bracelet of glorious flashing labradorite. Faceted labradorite nuggets and rondelles are accented by sterling silver; the closure is a rectangular hand-decorated toggle clasp I import from Bali. Every one of these labradorite stones has flash!

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labradorite bracelet

Welcome, International Customers! If you purchase our labradorite jewelry, please be sure to go to our Shipping Information page to pay for Global Shipping.

labradorite jewelryGerta's Hope
Flashing labradorite, sterling silver, and a special toggle clasp with faceted labradorite gemstones on both sides make this bracelet particularly special. The sterling silver is from Bali.

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labradorite jewelry

Labradorite jewelry looks great with a number of different colours including turquoise, blue, green, grey, khaki, olive, black, white (in the summer, labradorite jewelry looks especially nice with white linen and white silk clothing), and many outfits that incorporate these colours into prints.

We can make labradorite jewelry with vermeil and goldfill also if you are a fan of gold. The gold colour looks great with the flash of iridescence found in labradorite. Just ask us about making labradorite jewelry with gold!