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Peridot Bracelets

Peridot: A classic gemstone that was mined in ancient times on St. John's Island off the coast of Egypt. Believed to shine so brightly that they carried their light within them; their blinding sparkle made them difficult to see during the day, but this "gem of the sun", as the Egyptians called it, was thought to be visible at night without any other light.
It is said that Cleopatra's famous emeralds were really peridots. The Pharaoh supposedly had all the venomous snakes killed on the island because they interfered with the mining of the gemstones. To this day, there are those who believe that peridot gives them special protection against the bite of snakes.
Peridot bracelets sparkle! Peridot is the August birthstone, and a peridot bracelet makes a great gift. Peridot has also been found in meteorites!

peridot braceletGoing Green
Peridot bracelet not only has pretty peridot gemstones, but lovely cultured freshwater pearls in a silvery grey color, along with an artist's lampwork bead as the focal. All components are sterling silver.

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peridot braceletSOLDMinuet VerdeSOLD
It is believed that the emeralds that Cleopatra wore were actually peridots that were mined on the island of St. John, 50 miles off the coast of Egypt. These peridots are certainly as pretty as emeralds! Three strands of peridots sparkle: the middle strand is made of larger faceted peridot nuggets surrounded with scalloped sterling silver accents, and has a two-sided sterling beads with cabochon peridots bezel set into it. On one side, little faceted briolette peridots sparkle with the addition of tiny little Thai Karen Hill Tribes beads. On the other side , 4mm smooth rondelles of peridot also have little Karen Hill Tribes beads. The three strands hook to sterling leafy accents which in turn connect to one of our favorite toggle clasps, sterling with two faceted square peridots diagonally set into the toggle. Wonderful!

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peridot bracelet peridot bracelet

peridot braceletSOLDThe Echoing GreenSOLD
The Egyptians called peridot the "gem of the sun" because of the way that it shone, especially at night. This is a three strand peridot bracelet of unsurpassed delicacy for having so many strands. One strand is made of smooth briolettes; one strand is made up of tiny little smooth and faceted rondelles; one strand is made up of faceted briolettes drilled lengthwise. All three strands have great sparkle. More texture and interest comes in the form of 5 sterling silver flower charms that dangle around the bracelet. The closure is a charming heart-shaped lobster clasp (also sterling, of course!).

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peridot bracelet

peridot braceletButterflies Are Free
This peridot bracelet is made up of pretty green faceted rondelles of peridot and sterling silver. Bali and Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver feature butterflies, including a butterfly charm. The toggle clasp is one of our prettiest sterling silver clasps decorated with three flowers on the ring and a single flower on the bar. A Thai Karen Hill Tribes flower charm hangs beside the toggle clasp. Simple enough for everyday, elegant enough for dress-up!

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peridot braceletLove and Abundance
Napoleon gave Josephine a gift of peridot to symbolize his undying love. Peridot is thought to enhance relationships (especially marital) and to quell jealousy. It is also thought to bring abundance and prosperity. Here peridot is combined with quartz crystal for purity and rose quartz for romance. 6 strands of differently shaped peridots make up one side of the bracelet while the other consists of three large faceted wonderfully clear quartz crystal gemstones alternated with faceted peridot rondelles. In the middle are a rose quartz faceted rectangle and sterling silver and peridot charms. This unique peridot bracelet is truly one of a kind. The clasp contains a bezel-set peridot gemstone.

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peridot bracelet peridot bracelet

peridot bracelet with 14 karat gold-fillQue Linda!
Simply beautiful. This pretty bracelet not only has large faceted rondelles of peridot in front and three gem quality faceted briolettes near the clasp, the rest of the sharply faceted peridot nuggets are Afghani peridot, some of the finest peridot in the world. With 14k gold-filled accents, this peridot bracelet will make a pretty statement on your wrist. And if your birthstone is August or your eyes are green, such much the better!

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14 karat gold-filled peridot bracelet

double strands of peridots join with lampwork beads in this peridot braceletAncient Blossoms
Two luscious strands of peridots from the tiniest rounds to fairly large faceted nuggets grace this peridot bracelet. The main strand is enhanced by two beautiful lampwork beads that are metallic green with touches of aqua and silver. A decorated sterling toggle has a sterling flower charm hanging beside it. Little flower charms hang from the smaller strand of peridots.

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peridot bracelet peridot bracelet

peridot braceletSeduced by Color
The wonderful green of peridot, the deep richness of peacock apatite, and the sparkling purple of amethyst make this peridot bracelet especially lovely. The bracelet is three strands of gemstones and closes with a sterling toggle clasp with cabochon peridots set in the ends of the toggle bar.

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peridot bracelet with apatite and amethysts

peridot braceletSpring
Named "Spring" because of the bright green of the peridot gemstones and lampwork beads as well as the wonderful rose quartz, this peridot bracelet does live up to its name - as refreshing and welcome as a spring day! The artist's lampwork beads are some of our best; they are intricate with flowers, stripes, swirls and dots, truly interesting. The artist's lampwork also picks up the pink of the rose quartz. The focal of this peridot bracelet is faceted flat rose quartz nugget. In keeping with the spring theme, Cluny also added a rose quartz tulip bead and a second strand of sterling silver chain dangling charms from nature - flowers, a dragonfly. A sterling silver rectangular toggle clasp is the closure to this colorful bracelet. Personal favorite!

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peridot bracelet

peridot braceletKelda
Two strands of peridots make up this peridot bracelet with the only accents being two special artist's lampwork beads and touches of sterling silver. The peridots are in the form of rondelles, smooth and faceted, large and small, and both carved and smooth ovals. A Thai Karen Hill Tribes flower charm in sterling hangs from one side of the bracelet; a sterling toggle clasp is the closure.

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peridot bracelet

peridot bracelet with lampwork beads and sterling silverKerala
Special lampwork beads set the tone for this two-tone peridot bracelet that features Sleeping Beauty turquoise as an accent. A larger sized peridot bracelet (chunkier stones - we can size it for any wrist)A "watch-chain" of large twisted links dangles little tiny lotus blossoms from the Karen Hill Tribes. One side has a pretty faceted peridot charm hanging from it. Sterling silver toggle clasp keeps this peridot bracelet on your wrist.

larger image
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peridot bracelet

peridot bracelet with lampwork beadsSOLD Monsoon Season SOLD
I arrived in India at the end of May. The rains had not yet started in Madras, but they began the day after I arrived; we flew to Cochin, the three of us, to stay at the Taj for a night and then travel upriver by boat to stay in a Kerala resort made famous in a book. The rains came to Cochin the day after I arrived, so we traveled in sunlight up the river to the resort where the rains began the next day. I stayed inside the house and listened to the dripping of the rain on the roof and took showers in an open air bathroom while the rain fell beside me. I stayed in Madras a week or so, then flew to Delhi and on to Agra which was dry, dry. I had 2 days of sunshine, then the rains came. I still think of it as the time the monsoons chased me across India.Peridot bracelet made of wonderful chunky peridot nuggets, faceted and gorgeous. One strand consists of peridot nuggets. lampwork beads and large sterling silver beads while the second strad is a Karen Hill Tribes linked chain with three peridot nugget charms hanging at intervals. A very pretty peridot box clasp with a bezel set peridot is the closure.