Peridot jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Peridot Jewelry

Peridot is a gemstone with a beautiful translucent green colour; it is the birthstone for August. In older manuscripts, it is usually referred to as "chrysolite", the golden version of this gemstone, and also, sometimes as "olivine" (for obvious reasons). It is the gemstone for the 16th Anniversary of marriage.
The ancient source of peridot was from Saint John Island in the Red Sea (also known as the "Serpent Island" and therefore, peridot is often thought to protect against snakes. Today, much of the peridot used in peridot jewelry comes from Arizona.
Peridot is the symbol of Saint Bartholomew.
For those who are interested in its healing and mystical powers, perdiot is thought to protect against nervousness and help to heal hurt feelings (a great gift, then, to someone whose feelings you have hurt?). It is also believed to increase energy and physical strength as well as protect the wrists, lungs and sinuses. In addition, it relieves negative feelings, dispels anger, and encourages sleep for those with insomnia. Because of its colour, it is said to bring wealth, but this is most likely a more modern interpretation of the stone's power.

Peridot Jewelry - Necklaces

peridot necklace with pendant and sterling chain

peridot jewelry is a pendant and sterling chainLuck Makes the Winner
To go with your other peridot jewelry - this pendant necklace of peridot and smoky quartz. Peridot necklace is handmade with two strands: one, a pretty imprinted chain from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes; the other, a beaded strand of peridot nuggets and, lentil lampwork beads, and gorgeous smoky quartz in the form of faceted olives, rondelles, teardrops, coins, and rectangles. It is difficult to determine the makeup of the larger stone in the pendant ( the top round is peridot, of course), but it looks to be some kind of jasper and is a brownish colour. A significant piece of peridot jewelry that would make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe.

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peridot necklace

peridot pendantGoing Green
A sterling silver chain dangles a very special pendant. This peridot pendant features a special sterling silver bead with two bezel-set cabochons, one on either side. Below the beads is a nice faceted chunky peridot - an unusual size for peridot. Below is a bezel-set faceted peridot, then a faceted peridot oval dangles from a sterling silver loop. I can make the chain adjustable if you wish!

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Peridot Jewelry - Earrings

peridot with lampwork earringsA Subtle Difference

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peridot earringsThe Gem of the Sun
Peridot was known to the Egyptians as the "gem of the sun" and here, when pared with 14 karat gold-fill, it seems aptly named. Each earrings has 3 large faceted peridot rondelles surrounded by fluted gold accents and ending with a small gold bead. Topping the peridots is a large fluted gold-filled round. The earrings hang from gold-filled earwires with a smooth gold ball decorating it.

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peridot earringsSOLDZabargadSOLD
Zabargad was the ancient name of St. John's Island where peridots were first mined by the Egyptians. These earrings are all about the gemstone: the sterling earwires are special, each has a cabochon peridot facing forward. The dangles each consist of a smooth rondelles of peridot, scalloped sterling silver and sharply faceted nuggets.

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peridot earringsThe Evening Emerald
These peridot earrings feature Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver lotus beads on the very bottom of each. The earwires themselves are sterling and have cabochon peridots facing forward. Each earring has two peridots, a small smooth rondelle and a large faceted rondelle atop the lotus beads.

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peridot earringsMira
These peridot earrings are made from two peridot charms with bezel-set faceted peridot. They hang from open twisted hoops that end with a cabochon peridot.

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SOLDMay in Pondicherry
Post earrings have cabochon bezel-set peridots that shine with that beautiful shade of peridot green. From a loop underneath, rings and filigree dangle down to hold a cluster of three little peridot nuggets each.