Tourmaline bracelets are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Salvation Bracelets and Prayer Box Necklaces are two of our newest religious jewelry items.

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Tourmaline Bracelets

Tourmalines are a fairly modern gemstone having been worn only since about the 18th century. This gemstone comes in many colors: pink, green, black, blue, and combinations of these. The tourmaline is known as the gemstone for the country of Brazil as well as for New England (in the USA). It is considered a modern alternate for the October birthstone.

Tourmaline Bracelets

tourmaline braceletOrtensia
Tourmaline bracelet boasts three strands of different shapes, sizes, and colours of tourmalines, including tourmaline charms which dangle from three different places on the bracelet. From little tourmaline hearts to smooth ovals to faceted rondelles and rounds, tourmalines star in this bracelet. A hand-decorated sterling silver toggle is the closure.

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tourmaline braceletWill 'o the Wisp
This tourmaline bracelet is chock full of tourmalines, from rougher tourmalines to those of gem quality. The tourmalines you see in this bracelet have all shades of green; they are gold, dark pink, light pink, and even an aqua looking color. The tourmalines range from the smallest faceted rondelles to smooth coiins to a fiarly large smooth nugget, and there are different sizes in between. Three gorgeous strands will make their presence known on your wrist! Little tourmaline charms hang from different places on the strands. Sterling silver accents and a very pretty sterling silver toggle clasp finish off this tourmaline bracelet. Personal favorite!

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tourmaline bracelet

tourmaline braceletTurmalina Bonita
Four sparkling strands of tourmaline, including gem-quality tourmalines, make up this tourmaline bracelet to die for! If you are a love of gold, then you'll love the gold and tourmaline mix here. One of the four strands is a 14 karat gold-filled oval-linked chain dangling little faceted teardrops of pink and green tourmalines. The other three strands include a healthy sprinkling of 14 karat gold-filled beads and tourmalines, faceted and smooth, in the shape of wheels, marquise, coins, ovals and teardrops. The tourmaline colors include various shades of pink, green, black and yellow/gold as well as some almost clear beads. Very versatile tourmaline bracelet!

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tourmaline bracelet tourmaline bracelet

tourmaline braceletPretty in Pink
Tourmaline bracelet is simple and pretty. Little heart-shaped translucent pink tourmalines form the front of the bracelet. The sides of the bracelet are made of 14 karat gold-fill. A 14 karat curved lobster clasp is the closure; a 14 karat gold butterfly charms hangs beside the clasp.

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Don't see what you want? We'll be glad to make a custom tourmaline bracelet for you or for someone special. No down payment, and no special "custom" charges.

tourmaline bracelet features a lampwork focal and tourmaline beads and charmsMarika
Three strands of all shapes, sizes, and colours of tourmalines make this bracelet a real winner! A scrolled lentil lampwork bead makes it even better. Little tourmaline charms hang at intervals from the bracelet, and Bali sterling silver adds the necessary gleam and texture. This is one of those bracelets that you'll want to wear everyday, and because of the versatility of tourmaline, you can! A pretty scalloped sterling silver toggle clasp is the finishing touch to this tourmaline bracelet.

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Tourmaline Bracelet with Vermeil

*The Raj Collection is a collection of jewelry pieces influenced by time I spent in India, and is comprised of stones that are fairly prevalent in Indian jewelry such as tourmaline, rainbow moonstone, emeralds, rubies, iolite, sapphires,garnets, amethysts and peridots.

Tourmaline Bracelets - Other

tourmaline silver bangle bracelet See this tourmaline bracelet on our Silver Bangle Bracelets page.

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