agate jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Agate Jewelry

There are many different varieties of agates; some of the most common and most popular agates are:

  • blue lace agate, an agate with light blue bands in a wavy , lacy arrangement that makes beautiful jewelry
  • Bostswana agate, yes, it's agate from Botswana, also banded, a taupe or grey colour sometimes with a lot of pink and white
  • Crazy Lace agate, an agate that has variously coloured bands
  • Laguna agate, a glowing beautiful sometimes orange agate from Chihuahua, Mexico that is sometimes confused with carnelian
  • Moss agate, an agate with fern-like inclusions inside.
    Our agate jewelry, whether blue lace agate, Indian agate, crazy lace agate or other agates, is made from genuine agate.

    Agate Jewelry - Agate Necklace Set

    agate jewelry is an agate necklace set with matching agate earringsFestival
    This agate jewelry set features earrings in a green Indian agate with sterling silver and an agate necklace with agate of different colours complemented by lampwork beads. The lampwork is by master beadmaker James Derrick Reeves; the agate is in wonderful earthtones in faceted rectangles and smooth ovals along with a carved agate leaf. Closure is a sterling silver lobster clasp.

    necklace set with agate earrings is agate jewelry 88.99
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    Agate Jewelry - Earrings

    In ancient times, agates were believed to protect one on a sea journey and to ward off the "evil eye."

    Agate jewelry is a pair of agate earringsSummer Songs

    • Blue agate faceted beads
    • Vermeil earwires with bead pyramid decoration
    • Vermeil beads

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    Agate jewelry is a pair of agate earringsAgnes
    Agate earrings are made of a lovely grey nugget in the middle and Botswana faceted rondelles on either end, and hang from sterling silver earwires. These look great with our drusy (druzy) necklace Noga.

    larger image
    Pay for agate jewelry with a credit card or Paypal.

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    Camillo Leonardo claimed that agates [worn in jewelry] would "...give victory and strength to their owners and avert tempests and lighting." ___in Kunz's The Curious Lore of Precious Stones


    Cluny Grey Jewelry; 120 West Walnut; Blytheville, AR 72315


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