agate necklaces are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Agate Necklaces

Agate necklaces come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. The versatile agate has been a jewelry classic for thousands of years. Today, geode slices of agate are very popular as necklaces and as pendants. Abundant lore surrounds the agate concerning its healing properties and magical qualities.

agate necklace with purple crazy lace agateIsabella
These big slices of purple agate are big in fashion now. The center agate slice has complex layered rings and sparkly flecks in it. Faceted purple crazy lace agate rondelles make up the larger part of the necklace. Intricately decorated Bali sterling silver beads decorate this agate necklace. You'll love the drama of this necklace. For the woman enchanted with gemstones.

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agate necklacein the Penthouse
This agate necklace is not exactly one of a kind. I loved it so much that I made a similar one for myself! These are some of my favorite agates I've ever had - and they look good with so many clothes! They have a wonderful silvery grey color with spots of black, areas that are slightly translucent and places where they are almost white. If you have anything grey, this will look marvelous with it! The necklace is made up of the large oval faceted agates with little round 14 karat gold-filled beads in between and a 14 karat gold-filled toggle clasp as closure. You'll reach for this classic necklace again and again. It also looks fantastic with white!

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agate necklace

If you see an agate necklace that is marked SOLD beside the name of the piece, we no longer have this one of a kind necklace. Please contact us to make something similar for you.

agate necklace has an agate druzy pendantThe White Peacock
This is wonderful white agate in faceted squares which have been drilled on the diagonal to give them a unique look, white agate rounds, and white teardrops, and a special lily shaped white agate flower. Adding to the interest are Swarovski crystal bicones for some extra sparkle. The pendant is a wonderful agate slice with a whole in the center surrounded by little drusies. Agate necklace is approximately 23" long and the agate pendant adds about 2 1/4" in addition to the actual necklace length. The closure is a sterling silver toggle clasp. All metal used on this agate necklace is sterling silver.

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agate necklace has an agate druzy pendant

Wearing an agate necklace or ring is thought to guarantee good health to the wearer.

agate necklace with slices of purple, white and crystal agateJewelry Geology
Agate necklaces are really in! This agate necklace features two trends in one: the look of chains and the rough geode slices that are so popular now. The colours here range from white to pale lilac to purple; there's even a peachy colour in there. The pendant to the necklace is the only piece that isn't agate - it is sugilite with a wonderful pattern of varying shades of purple. Agate necklace has a sterling silver toggle clasp as the closure.

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slices of purple agate and sterling silver make up this agate necklace

For our International customers: If you see an agate necklace that you like, please don't forget to pay International postage by going to our Shipping Information page.

Moss Agate Necklace

agate necklace is made of moss agate with a moss agate pendantGreen Mansions
The dendrites or "moss" in moss agate is what give the stone its unique look - a look that is perfect for a moss agate pendant in the form of a leaf. This large chunky nugget necklace is made up of moss agate nuggets, moss agate flower beads (2 large on either side of the necklace, and of course, the wonderful moss agate pendant - a beautiful example of moss agate at its best! Sterling silver filigree accents give this moss agate necklace a feminine look despite its hefty size. Let us know if you would like an extender chain of sterling silver added to the necklace.

larger image
Green Mansions
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In ancient times, agates were believed to protect one on a sea journey and to ward off the "evil eye."

In the eleventh century, Marbodus, the Bishop of Rennes, reported that the agate "...make the wearers agreeable and persuasive and also give them the favor of God." King

pink agate coins and an agate heart are in this agate necklaceHave a Heart
Quintessential romantic jewelry: the pink agate heart necklace. Thick coins of pink agate, little sterling silver rings from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes, and of course, a pink agate heart pendant make up this agate necklace.

larger image
Have a Heart
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