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Briolette Necklaces

Briolette necklaces may feature just one or many briolettes, smooth or faceted, flat or fat. A classic briolette necklace is one with a single briolette gemstone hanging from a chain or from a necklace of pearls.

briolette necklace Confection
This briolette necklace gets its name from the pretty briolette of candy jade with its colours of shades of pinks, greens, and creams. The luscious pink pearls look as sweet as candy, too! With just a few sterling silver accents from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes, this briolette necklace is as simple as it gets. All sterling silver, genuine freshwater pearls, and candy jade.

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briolette necklace features lepidolite teardrop briolette and sterling silverIanthina
This necklace is elegant with lustrous freshwater pearls in a soft lilac shade and special sterling silver from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The large teardrop at the center of the necklace is made of sugalite and has a lovely swirling pattern. The briolette is flanked by two rondelles of lepidolite - another gemstone that one doesn't see that often. A heart, flowers, and butterflies make this a romantic necklace. Sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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Our briolette necklaces come with a velour pouch for storage.

briolette necklace with freshwater pearls and sodalite teardropBlue Skies Now
The briolette necklace is handmade of blue freshwater pearls with little sterling silver spiral charms hanging at intervals. The smooth briolette is of sodalite (a gemstone sometimes confused with lapis). A sterling lobster clasp is the closure.This simple necklace that can be worn with casual or dressy clothing.

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Blue Skies Now
Pay for briolette necklaces with a credit card or PayPal.