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Charm Necklaces

The usually small ornament known as a charm has been around since prehistoric times. Charms are usually objects that are felt to be imbued with some special meaning or power to help, commemorate, or celebrate some event or person. When a charm is used as a part of a piece of jewelry such as a charm necklace, it usually delights us in some way - visually or by touch or both.
Today many people who wear charm jewelry, that is charm necklaces or charm bracelets, do so for aesthetic reasons. However, some women still wear their charm necklaces or bracelets to remind them of events such as engagement, marriage, the birth of a child, a graduation, and even sometimes as a special amulet or talisman or "lucky charm." Birthstone charms are especially common since they commemorate the person and usually close family members. Some charm necklaces feature charms made of specific healing gemstones for those who believe in the efficacy of wearing those stones close to them.
Our charm necklaces do not fit in any one category: some are sterling silver; some are a mixture of gemstones and sterling silver; some have vintage beads made of different materials; some look as though they are a modified lariat necklace with charms hanging only in the center of the necklace. Our charm necklaces vary depending on mood and whim and materials we have available.

Charm necklace featuring aquamarine, silver hammered circles, and pearls can be found on our Aquamarine Necklaces page.

charm necklaceA Drop of the Ocean
This simple charm necklace has become one of my favorites! A pretty aqua chalcedony briolette hangs inside a sterling silver hammered teardrop shaped loop. A sterling silver horseshoe charm (for good luck, so it's pointing up) dangles from one side of the teardrop. The sterling silver chain is made of elongated loops. Simple and sophisticated with an artisan look, this necklace is one you'll reach for time and time again.

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charm necklace

charm necklaceHere's My Heart

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charm necklace charm necklace

charm necklaceA Single Kiss
This simplest of all charm necklaces holds a single charm of rose quartz - a pretty pink faceted nugget topped with sterling silver. Oh so feminine without being fussy, this is one of those necklaces that you start reaching for everyday. And of course, you can always add more charms to it!

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charm necklace

charm necklacePomegranate
This garnet charm necklace is called "Pomegranate" because it is thought that is where the garnet gemstone gets its name. The single flat, faceted garnet nugget is almost a teardrop shape and is quite large, especially for garnets. Two charms dangle over the garnet: a single sterling faceted ring, and a teardrop filigree. Above the three charms hang two bezel set cabochon garnets in sterling silver. A sterling silver chain holds the charms. This charm necklace is the perfect gift for those who have a January birthday or for those who adore garnets.

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charm necklace

charm necklace is a salvation necklace with religious meaningsSalvation Necklace
We have salvation bracelets on our site, but this charm necklace is actually a salvation necklace! The beautiful filigree cross is sterling silver and a small sterling cherubim hovers above it. To one side of the necklace are the six colors that make up the salvation bracelets, each having a distinctive meaning to Christianity. Black for sin, red for the blood of Christ,blue for baptism, clear for our cleansing of sin through baptism, green for the growth of our spirit, and gold for heaven. The colors here are shown in Swarovski crystals. The chain is made of elongated flattened links and comes with a lobster clasp or toggle if you wish, either in sterling silver.

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charm necklace

charm necklace is made with a brass and sterling harmony ballThe Golden Globe
This charm necklace is one of my favorites. It features a "harmony ball" from Bali. This harmony ball is made of sterling silver filigree with a bezel-set gemstone in its top. It opens so that you can remove the golden brass ball that also gives it its color. Two copper-colored Swarovski crystals hang on either side of the harmony ball pendant and all hang from a14 karat gold-filled chain.

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charm necklace

Unchain My Heart
A charm necklace with pink agate gemstone hearts looped together with sterling silver chain from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes looks like those worn by all the Hollywood stars right now. All sterling silver. A charm necklace that is very now, very in!

larger image
Unchain My Heart
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