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Briolette Earrings are Here!

Jade Earrings

Jade comes in many colours, and here you will find some of our favorites. If we had to put jade into a category, we'd call it an exotic classic since it has classic good looks and has been made into jewelry for thousands of years, and exotic because it always has a slight whiff of far-away places and ages past. Every jewelry wardrobe should have at least one pair of jade earrings whether they are lavender jade, green jade, or any of the many colours jade comes in today.
If you are interested in jade earrings to match our other jade jewelry, please contact us at: clunygre@clunygreyjewelry.com .

Jade Earrings with Candy Jade

Green Jade Earrings

jade earrings are made of green jade briolettesSOLDSing-LaoSOLD
The green that we often think of when we visualize jade is this pale clear jade green. Here pretty smooth briolettes hang from double sterling chains which in turn hang from sterling earwires that fasten in back and have pretty beaded flower decorations on the front.

When you see SOLD beside the title of our jade earrings, that means those one of a kind earrings have been sold. Please ask us if we can make a similar pair for you.

Lavender Jade Earrings

Orange Candy
Jade earrings are faceted chunky briolettes of candy jade. (Candy jade is jade that has been treated to produce "candy" colours or bright or unusual colours in the stone). These creamy orange jade briolettes are topped with sterling silver rings for a modern look; they hang from a thick sterling ring. The earwires are plain sterling with a single bead decoration.