Kyanite jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Kyanite Jewelry - Blue Kyanite Jewelry

Our updated page with Kyanite Jewelry includes: Kyanite Bracelets and Kyanite Necklaces

Kyanite is a lovely blue gemstone (although it can be green or gray) that is related to andalusite. The name comes from the Greek word for blue.
Kyanite represents the astrological signs Taurus, Libra, and Aries. Metaphysically kyanite influences emotions, draws love toward us and aids in meditation since it increases tranquility. It is also supposed to increase mental awareness, dispel confusion and eliminate anger and frustration.

Kyanite Bracelets

Kyanite braceletSOLDKumariSOLD
Three beautiful strands of gemstones and sterling silver from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes are fastened with a pretty rectangular clasp with a swirling design on it. The kyanite is a softer blue color in the shapes of rondelles and ovals. Little sterling silver charms hang at intervals from the bracelet including sterling teardrops and square embossed crown charms. This kyanite bracelet looks great with many colors - not just blue! And it complements the neutrals in your wardrobe very well. All sterling silver.

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Kyanite bracelet made of kyanite and sterling silver

Kyanite braceletSinging Alone
This piece of kyanite jewelry includes two strands of gemstones: kyanite and rose quartz. Artist's lampwork beads echo the colors of the kyanite and rose quartz. Handcrafted sterling silver adds gleam to all the color. A swirling sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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kyanite bracelet with kyanite and lampwork beads

Kyanite jewelry is a double strand bracelet of kyanite and sterling silverSOLDPadminiSOLD
All sterling silver.

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Kyanite jewelry

Kyanite Necklaces

kyanite necklaceKasmira
This piece of kyanite jewelry is unusual because it is mixed with amethysts. Two strands make up this kyanite necklace: the main strand features the beautiful kyanite, faceted amethyst nuggets and thick coins, sterling silver, and beautiful lampwork beads by master beadmaker James Derrick Reeves. The second strand consists of a sterling chain made of large circles - just the thing to be very up-to-date! The main strand has a long pendant made of amethysts, kyanite, and sterling silver that dangles down about 3+ inches.

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kyanite necklace with amethysts, lampwork beads, and sterling silver

Kyanite is a fairly soft stone, so keep your kyanite jewelry away from your other gemstone jewelry so that it does not get scratched.