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Gemstone Color Guide

Many gemstones come in several different colors; for example, garnet comes in red, yellow, brown - almost every color except blue. Carnelian is usually thought of as red but it can also have a creamy color, be yellow or a bright orange.
Then there are many gemstones that are variegated with many different colors in a single gemstone such as ocean jasper, pitersite, and Indian agate.
In bead jewelry, we often see tourmaline, a gemstone that comes in many different colors from black to white to almost every color in between, mixed together so that a tourmaline bracelet may have green gemstones as well as aqua, pink, black, and yellow. We often see "rainbow" tourmaline jewelry where the colors are arranged the way that the colors of a rainbow are.
Still other gemstones, such as fluorite, comes mainly in green and purple and the two colors may be together in one stone. Fluorite also comes in yellow and may have bands of green or purple in the yellow.
Some gemstones, for example labradorite and rainbow moonstone have "flash" known as chatoyancy or adularescence where a play of light on the stone will show flashes of blue, silver, green or pink with the blue usually being thought of as the most desirable.
Other gemstones may have an added mineral which gives an interesting look. Lapis can be sprinkled with pyrite, also known as "fool's gold", which can give the gem a rich, sparkly look. Flecks of mica give lepidolite a glittery look also.

BLUE GEMSTONES: Agate, Apatite, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz, Blue Lace Agate, Chalcedony, Drusy. Iolite, Jade, Kyanite, Lapis, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Turquoise

RED GEMSTONES: Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Garnet, Jade, Jasper, Ruby

YELLOW GEMSTONES: Agate, Chalcedony, Citrine, Fluorite, Jade, Sapphire, Tourmaline, Yellow Opal

GREEN GEMSTONES: Agate, Aventurine, Apatite, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Fluorite, Jade, Jasper, Labradorite, Peridot, Tourmaline

AQUA GEMSTONES: Amazonite, Apatite, Aquamarine, Blue Peruvian Opal, Chalcedony, Jade, Kyanite, Turquoise

PURPLE GEMSTONES: Agate, Amethyst, Chalcedony, Charoite, Fluorite, Jade, Lepidolite, Muscovite

WHITE GEMSTONES: Agate, Chalcedony, Jade, Moonstone, Onyx, Quartz,

GRAY GEMSTONES: Agate, Drusy, Tourmalinated Quartz

ORANGE GEMSTONES: Agate, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Jade, Fire Agate, Jasper, Sunstone

PEACH GEMSTONES: Agate, Aventurine, Chalcedony, Jade, Jasper, Moonstone, Sunstone

PINK GEMSTONES: Agate, Chalcedony, Jade, Jasper, Moonstone, Peruvian pink opal, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline

BROWN GEMSTONES: Agate, Chalcedony, Jade, Jasper, Pietersite, Rutilated Quartz, Smoky Quartz

BLACK GEMSTONES: Agate, Chalcedony, Jade, Onyx, Tourmaline

CLEAR GEMSTONES: Agate, Jade, Quartz, Rock Crystal

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