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Salvation Bracelets and Prayer Box Necklaces are a great way to wear your faith!

Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone comes in so many colours, it's mind-boggling! Peach to pink to white to grey to brown to....who knows?! We are especially fond of peach moonstone when it has a soft chatoyancy to it although all moonstone mesmerizes us. White moonstone is also beautiful. Our jewelry is made of moonstone in a variety of colours, and the more unusual the colour, the more we like it!
The moonstone is an alternate birthstone to the pearl for the month of June, and is the stone for those who were born on a Monday.

Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry Set

Maan Goud
I love rainbow moonstone, and just can't get enough of it! This is a very special rainbow moonstone jewelry set with lots of vermeil (24 karat gold layered over sterling silver) and beautiful gold-laced lampwork lentil beads made by a US glass bead artist (not mass-produced). Two charms, one of the beautiful lentils and a moonstone nugget capped with vermeil, hang from one side of the lampwork and moonstone bracelet. A small 14k goldfilled oval with Cluny's initials hangs beside the vermeil toggle clasp. Earrings are made from more of the swirling lentils and vermeil and hang from 14k goldfilled earwires. The lentil beads gleam golden and a kind of lavender colour with a very dark brown or black swirling through them also. With them are large faceted moonstone nuggets from Spain. Bracelet is approximately 8 inches long (will be sized to fit you) and the earrings are a bit over 1 1/2 inches long.

larger image
Moon Gold
Pay for rainbow moonstone jewelry with a credit card or Paypal.

Moonstone can be easily scratched, so you should store your moonstone jewelry in the velour pouch that we send with it. Be sure to use the pouch when you travel, since many stones are damaged when they rub against one another in luggage.

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