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Salvation Bracelets and Prayer Box Necklaces are two of our newest religious jewelry items.

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Moonstone Necklaces

The moonstone necklaces on this page are made from the many different shades and types of moonstone - from peach moonstone, white and grey to rainbow moonstone with its flashing blue fire. Moonstone necklaces will definitely draw attention to your neckline - especially those made with rainbow moonstone.

moonstone necklaceWhen Love Shines Through
The pendant of this moonstone necklace features two flashing oval rainbow moonstones surrounding a faceted, pear-shaped rose quartz, all bezel-set in sterling silver. The necklace itself echoes the pendant with flashing rainbow moonstone rondelles and smooth briolettes and faceted luscious rose quartz rectangles, all wrapped with sterling silver. The necklace is totally feminine and elegant without being overly dainty. The combination of rose quartz and rainbow moonstone is a winning one!

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moonstone necklace moonstone necklace

rainbow moonstone makes up this moonstone necklaceEthereal Experience
Double-strand rainbow moonstone necklace features the flash of moonstone and the sparkle of Swarovski crystals in our favorite Azores (a pretty pale blue that mimics the flash of the moonstone). Accented by sterling silver, the necklace features rainbow moonstone rondelles, smooth and faceted, as well as nuggets and faceted briolettes. The pendant is a large teardrop bezel-set rainbow moonstone cabochon with a smaller round cabochon set above it. The clasp is a pretty rose clasp from Karen Hill Tribes. Moonstone necklace has all sterling silver components.

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moonstone necklaceMoonflowers
Chunky moonstone necklace is made up of pretty moonstone in what can only be described as a "peachy-mauve" colour. These moonstones have subtle patterns of cream running through many of them and occasional glints of silver. The beads are some of our favorite relief flower beads that we get straight from Bali. Moonstone necklace dresses up or down! All sterling silver.

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moonstone necklace with 2 strands of moonstones and pearlsWave of Nostalgia
Two strands of freshwater pearls and rainbow and white moonstone make up this moonstone necklace accented with sterling silver. Various sizes of moonstones from chips to large nuggets intermingle with the pearls and silver. Closure is a sterling silver "S" clasp.

larger image
Wave of Nostalgia
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moonstone necklace handmade with rainbow moonstones and freshwater pearls