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Custom Jewelry Design - Custom Handcrafted Jewelry

Custom Handcrafted Jewelry: Artisan Jewelry handcrafted especially for you!

Every woman and girl needs jewelry, but some say that they don't like to wear bracelets, or necklaces, or even earrings. We think that is because they are wearing jewelry that was made for the "average" woman or girl, and the fit, materials (whether gemstone, lampwork or pearls) and style may not suit them at all. Bracelets that fit are a joy to wear, so are earrings that don't get tangled in your hair or are so heavy that they pull your earlobes down. And while that necklace came to just that wonderfully strategic place of her decolletage on that model in the fashion magazine, on you it just gets in the way---and where it falls is not at all strategic.

Well, we can help.  Everyone needs jewelry of some kind to finish her ensemble--to look polished and chic. We can create custom handcrafted jewelry for you that you may have thought that you could never wear. Bracelets that don't fall off all day so that you feel that you have to hold your hands up all the time.  Necklaces that fall just where you want them to--and match the colour of your eyes or complement your skin tone while still being fashionable. Earrings that you forget that you have on--except when you're feeling particularly flirtatious. In other words, we make jewelry that looks and feels good when you're wearing it. And yes, we can do that at a price that you can afford.

Whether you choose a bracelet from fine gemstones, an artist's original lampwork beads, glass from china, crystal from Austria, or lucite from recovered vintage pieces, we can make jewelry that fits and that will make you feel and look good. A necklace from tiny sterling silver beads made in Thailand by the people of the Karen Hill Tribes may suit you, or classic pearls in an unusual shape or colour. You may feel that the bigger the better---and we can make it as big as you want it!

You may want to use our Custom Jewelry Design if:

  • You've never really cared for your birthstone, but you want birthstone jewelry. We have gemstone beads in colours that you may not find at your local department or jewelry store. For a February birthday, we have amethysts that range from the palest lilac colour to a purple that is so deep that it is almost black! Or how about a green amethyst?
  • Or check our birthstone table. You may find that the traditional birthstone is different from the modern--or you may decide that you like the exotic, and wear your Hindu birthstone---or the planetary or astrological birthstone. You have many options, and we'll do almost all the work for you!
  • Jewelry usually doesn't fit you comfortably. Tell us your wrist size, and we'll fit a specific bracelet on a mandrel the size of your wrist and create it according to your directions: loose, average, snug. We'll do the same thing for a necklace. And for earrings, we'll use the style that you prefer whether studs, earwires, kidneys, or leverbacks (or even clips for that matter).
  • We custom design jewelry if you know the style of necklace that you want, but you want it in a certain colour or a certain gemstone. Same for bracelets and earrings.
  • You are a matcher. You have an outfit that you love and you want jewelry to match! The outfit is peach and turquoise, or it is blue and black with touches of grey. We can design jewelry using the colours that you specify.
  • You do not want to see anyone wearing the same jewelry. Our custom handcrafted jewelry won't be seen on anyone else (unless they copy ours!).
  • You want symbolic jewelry. We can custom design jewelry using stones and/or colours and/or charms or shapes that have symbolic meaning for you or someone that you love.
  • You want jewelry for a special holiday or special occasion.
    • How We Work:

      We have a digital camera, and although occasionally customers have called us on the phone, we usually do most of our custom work by e-mail, including using e-mail attachments to send pictures to our customers so they can okay a design or choose elements.
      See our Contact Us page for our phone number and e-mail addres.

      custom jewelry designSun, Sea, and Sky


      custom jewelry designStormy Day


      custom jewelry designThe Comfort of Rubies

      custom jewelry design

      Labradorite Trio

      Santa Fe

      custom jewelry design

      Dancing Tiger

      custom jewelry design194.99

      Summer Sun, Summer Skies

      custom jewelry
      Summer Sun, Summer Skies



      Pamela's Jubilee

      custom jewelry

      Custom Design Jewelry: Ruby Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet: Forever, My Love - Jorge 419.98

      Custom Design Jewelry: Necklace

      custom handcrafted jewelry
      custom handcrafted jewelry


      custom handcrafted jewelry112.99

      Overnight Shipping15.00

      with three tiny beads between each stone

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted rectangles

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted rectangles

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted rectangles

      custom handcrafted jewelry
      From the top, soft faceted rectangles
      Faceted rounds (the ones in the front of the s strand have little silver spacers between them;
      I think I have enough for a full necklace; opaque with some translucence)
      Sharply faceted rectangles with pointed backs - A gem quality
      Faceted coins
      Faceted rectangles - gem quality thick - A gem quality (AAA is best)

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted coins

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted rounds Faceted rectangles - A quality

      custom handcrafted jewelry Faceted rectangles

      custom handcrafted jewelry Sharply faceted rectangles - graduated - A gem quality

      custom handcrafted jewelryNG

      custom handcrafted jewelry

      custom handcrafted jewelrySusanne


      custom handcrafted jewelryIrene


      custom handcrafted jewelry
      Pay for custom handcrafted jewelry with a credit card or Paypal.

      For AudreyPay for custom handcrafted jewelry with a credit card or Paypal.

      For Gail - JunePay for custom handcrafted jewelry with a credit card or Paypal. 91.99



      Hawaii x 6

      Pay for custom jewelry with a credit card or Paypal. 383.94

      custom jewelry designElizabeth's Jewels


      Robert's Rubies200.99

      custom jewelry design is a cultured freshwater pearl necklace with Swarovski crystalsLove That Lasts


      custom jewelrySun, Moon, Stars for Audrey
      Pay for custom jewelry design with a credit card or Paypal.

      custom jewelry design is an emerald bracelet in a custom designRainy Evening

      Pay for custom jewelry design with a credit card or Paypal.

      emerald bracelet is a custom jewelry design

      custom jewelry designsSanta Fe Summer

      Pay for custom jewelry design with a credit card or Paypal.

      custom handcrafted jewelryRoses on the Lake

      Pay for custom jewelry design with a credit card or Paypal.