Unique handmade bracelets are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Handmade Bracelets - Unique Bracelets with Gemstone Beads

The bracelets on this page are unique - and they are certainly colorful bracelets!
I use gemstone beads of different sizes and shapes, along with lampwork beads made by individual artists working here in the United States, sterling silver charms and accents, vermeil, gold-fill, and sometimes freshwater pearls to create bracelets that are real attention-getters. The bracelets are fun, elegant, funky, earthy, feminine and chunky - think of an adjective and it can probably be applied to one of these unique pieces. These bracelets are strung, sometimes wirewrapped, and sometimes a combination of the two.

I am transitioning to my new mobile-friendly site; many of the bracelets that you see on this page will be found here: Multi-gemstone Bracelets.

If you like the bracelets that you see here, you will probably like those on our Gemstone Bracelets page, too.

See a bracelet that you love with a clasp that is difficult for you to use? Just ask us to change it to one that will be more convenient to you.

unique bracelet
Dreaming of India
A wonderful mixture of colors make up this bracelet which contains gem quality citrines and gem quality blue topazes as well as amethysts and a larger ruby at its center. The second strand consists of tiny Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling silver beads with floating charms. The sterling toggle clasp is diamond shaped. Handmade with care to last!

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unique bracelet

unique bracelet
Slow Dance in Babylon
The focal of this bracelet is a stunning large, smooth opaque genuine sapphire nestled in 14 karat gold-filled fluted accents. Pretty faceted ruby rondelles are on either side of the sapphire nugget; smooth, dark green opaque oval emeralds add even more color. Cultured freshwater keishe pearls in a creamy white are clustered next to the toggle clasp and the gemstones. Truly a wonderful mix of precious gemstones and pearls!

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My bracelets are made of different elements and may contain any different mixture of stones - some softer than the others - as well as lampwork beads and sterling silver, vermeil or gold-fill. When traveling with your bracelet, be sure to store it in the velour pouch that it comes with so that it will stay unique and beautiful!

If you have favorite gemstones that are special to you or have a certain outfit that needs a unique bracelet to complement it, give us the colours, and watch what we can do! In most cases, you do not have to pay any money down, and are not committed to buy the finished bracelet unless you like it! E-mail Cluny Grey Jewelry here: clunygre@clunygreyjewelry.com

handmade bracelet
The Romance of the Unpredictable
I love when rainbow moonstone has other gemstones thrown into the mix! Here, flashy faceted rainbow moonstone rondelles are accompanied by pretty gem-quality apatite and gem-quality amethysts with beautiful results. The three-strand bracelet dangles little sterling silver charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes and a special leaf toggle (also sterling silver, of course) from Bali. This is a very versatile bracelet that can be worn summer or winter, spring or fall with many different outfits. Personal favorite!
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handmade bracelet

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handmade bracelet
Summer Days
Beautiful sterling silver is full of curves and flowers from the toggle clasp to the Bali flower charms hanging from two sides of the bracelet. The key players though are the lovely gemstones, in this case, lapis and yellow opal. The lapis is dark blue with flecks of golden pyrite; the yellow opal is a candle glow color rather than a bright yellow. Reminiscent of the sun and sky on a perfect summer day, this is a bracelet that you will want to wear all year long. All sterling silver.
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handmade bracelet

One of the best places to keep your handmade bracelets with vermeil? Believe it or not - a plastic baggie that you seal!

Remember that if you see the word SOLD beside the title of any of our bracelets that means that it is no longer available since these are one of a kind. We may be able to make something similar for you! E-mail us @ clunygre@clunygreyjewelry.com.

Welcome International Customers! If you purchase a handmade bracelet, please go to our Shipping Information page to pay for International Shipping.

handmade bracelet with a unique combination of smoky quartz, apatite, and sunstone
Music of the Day
One of our favorite combinations is in this bracelet: pretty, faceted smoky quartz, deep turquoise apatite, and brilliant sunstone. Each of the tones complements the others. And you'll be surprised at how versatile these three colours are. Fine vermeil accents from Bali are some of our favorite shapes and beads. This unique combination has long been a favorite of Cluny's customers.
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handmade bracelet
handmade bracelet is unique

handmade bracelet
Earth, Sky and All Things Between
Pietersite is a stone filled with intricate patterns and many colours although it looks predominantly brown. It is one of those gemstones that you could stare at for minutes on end and still find colors you didn't see at first in the intricate patterns.------- In this unique bracelet, ovals and a rectangle of prehnite are complemented by gold vermeil in the main strand, and a 14 karat goldfilled oval linked textured chain in the second strand. Two vermeil charms, a flying bird and a key, add interest. A vermeil toggle clasp is the closure.
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handmade bracelet

We size our bracelets free of charge so that they will fit you comfortably. Please let us know your wrist size since you may require a larger handmade bracelet than usual because of the size of the beads.

Wearing one of our unique bracelets means that you will always have a bracelet that no one else will be wearing. We can also design and make a unique bracelet just for you that will complement any outfit - with no payment upfront!

handmade bracelet is made of precious gemstones
On the Way To Pondicherry
This lush bracelet is full of rough precious gemstones: sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Adding to the richness, accents of 14 karat goldfill. Even the charms are goldfilled! The large ruby slab and two emerald slabs are spectacular! From the Raj Collection based on Cluny's time in India. Personal favorite!
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If you enjoy the variety of these handmade bracelets with their unique mixtures of gemstones and other elements, you may want to see our unique gemstone jewelry pages and our unusual jewelry page.


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