Handmade beaded necklaces are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Handmade Necklaces - Handmade Beaded Necklaces

At Cluny Grey we are very proud of our handmade necklaces. If you look at designs on the pages of Neiman's or Sak's you will see that our designs and quality rival the necklaces that you see there while being much lower in price. Our handcrafted gemstone necklaces are created from genuine gemstones, sterling silver, 14 karat gf, and vermeil and are strung on the strongest possible flexible material for a long-lasting necklace that you will be able to wear for years. Almost all the necklaces on this page can be lengthened or shortened depending on your preference.  We can attach a sterling silver or 14 karat gold-filled extension chain if you would like one to give you more versatility.
We choose clasps depending on the weight of the necklace and its aesthetics, but most clasps can be changed if you prefer a lobster clasp to a Shepherd's hook or a toggle, for instance.  There is no charge for changing clasps unless you choose a clasp that is itself substantially more expensive than the original.
The handmade necklaces on this page are crafted of freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and genuine gemstones unless otherwise stated. 

These are a very few of our gemstone and pearl necklaces; if you are looking for a specific gemstone, such as amethyst or garnet, please see the Main Menu. We have many gemstone necklaces sorted by type of gemstone.
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Gemstone Bead Necklaces

Silver Gemstone Necklaces

handmade necklace with chalcedony, peridot, amethystsSpring Comes Calling
Luscious! Chalcedony in aqua, pink, and two shades of green gets a lift from genuine amethysts and peridots. This is for those who want a necklace that will be noticed. The pink chalcedony gemstones are smooth; all the others are faceted to catch the light. Two sumptuous strands of gemstones may be just what you need to make your new (or if you're like many of us)last year's Spring outfits glow! The shortest strand is a full 24" long. The closure is a wonderful sterling silver S clasp with a detailed rose atop it (from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. And versatile! This necklace looks great with black and with white, but you can also pick up the pink, green, purple and aqua to go with almost anything in your closet. And of course, unlike those very expensive department store necklaces, this is handmade.
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handmade necklaceOsumare
This three strand handmade necklace gives new meaning to the phrase "gemstone necklace" since it's chock full of some of our prettiest stones. Large slabs of aquamarine and faceted aquamarine rounds complement sharply faceted rose quartz rectangles. Citrines are in the form of flat faceted nuggets and smaller carved rondelles. For a touch of green, little peridots, both rondelles and ovals add a cool tone. Two of the necklace's strands are gemstones; one strand (the longest) is a sterling silver chain that goes halfway up one side and further up the other; it dangles rose quartz briolettes, pieces of carved jade, and aquamarines, a carved leaf and a carved flower, and a citrine. You'll love this versatile necklace! Personal favorite!
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handmade necklace with chalcedonyPrintemps

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handmade necklace with chalcedony, amethystshandmade necklace

handmade necklace
These Halcyon Days
Dramatic, elegant, slightly edgy - this handmade necklace is one of those you'll find yourself reaching for time and time again. Clear rock crystal (quartz crystal) smooth briolettes form the base of this necklace which is also intertwined with freshwater pearls in a dark silvery grey colour and sterling silver chains. On one side, small dark silvery grey coin pearls loop to just past the middle of the necklace. Different chains loop around the necklace; sterling charms include a heart with a keyhole and a key. This is one necklace that is elegant enough for evening, but that will work in the office as well. While it looks great with white or black, it also can be paired with almost any colour you have in your wardrobe. Closure is a sterling silver toggle clasp. It is the year of the "statement necklace".
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handmade necklace

quartz crystals, rock crystal, make up this handmade necklace An Argument for Lucidity
Sharply faceted rock crystal (crystal quartz) make this handmade necklace eye-catching and special. Please click on the smaller picture which will give you a larger version of the necklace to look at. The drama of the clear crystals is emphasized by the addition of one beautiful rectangular faceted rose quartz on one side of the necklace. This handmade necklace sparkles and sparkles! Very elegant and sophisticated. Personal favorite!
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handmade necklace features a unakite shell centerShells By the Shore
Unakite is an unusual stone; it is a pretty green colour with swirls and speckles of pink and peachy-pink running throughout its matrix. This handmade necklace features unakite as the sole stone; necklace is punctuated by sterling silver elements and has a unique, pretty carved shell pendant that is also made of unakite. Artist's lampwork beads echo the colours of the unakite.
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aventurine and smoky quartz, sterling silver are in this handmade necklaceElegance in Smoke
Peach aventurine and smoky quartz combined with sterling silver make a beautiful statement in this special handmade necklace. The faceted on most of the gemstones gives this necklace a truly elegant look. The sterling silver beads are from Bali and have embossed flowers on them. Three strands include two strands of silver and gemstones and one strand of Karen Hill Tribes 4mm chain with a very special teardrop and olive shaped pendant. This necklace really makes a show!
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handmade necklace with sterling silver accents

amethysts, garnets, rose quartz and citrines make up this handmade necklace with sterling silver claspZenobia's Passion
Luscious necklace of genuine amethysts, rose quartz and citrines is nice and chunky and the gemstones lead down to a wonderful circle of jewels that are the same as those in the necklace. Sterling silver is some of our favorite from Bali and the large sterling beads are perfect foils for the faceted gemstone nuggets. The faceted gemstones are especially pretty. The amethysts have a lovely translucence. All sterling silver in this one of a kind necklace. Perfect for those with a February birthday, too.
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amethysts, garnets, rose quartz and citrines make up this handmade necklace with sterling silver clasp

aquamarine, green quartz, amethyst, and lampwork beads comprise this handmade necklaceMarriage of the Opposition
This is another beaded necklace that is not for everyone. Everything about this handmade necklace is just a bit larger than usual. First, the largest amethyst nuggets that we've ever had are on either side of the focal lampwork bead (by James Derrick Reeves). The green quartz nuggets and the aquamarine nuggets are also large as are the pyramid shaped sterling beads and the rounds, both intricately decorated. Small sharply faceted amethyst nuggets and faceted aquamarine rondelles add to the complexity of this bracelet. A shepherd's hook in sterling silver is the closure. This unique necklace is for the individual who really wants to be different.
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handmade necklace

handmade necklace with pendant, jade beads, and sterling silverConsider the Flowers
Jade can take many forms, and here is the proof. Smooth rondelles, faceted long nuggets, carved rounds, smooth rounds, and a carved lily all support a pretty jade and prehnite pendant in the form of a flower and teardrop shape. All sterling silver components in this handmade necklace.
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Our handmade necklaces are made to last with double the fasteners that keep the necklace intact than other handmade or mass--made necklaces.

Gold Gemstone Necklaces

handmade beaded necklace handcrafted with lapis, carnelian, vermeil  and goldfillPatuxent
Lapis and carnelian are a match made in the heavens, and the ancients in Sumer and Assyria and Egypt must have thought so, too, since they combined the two often in jewelry and artifacts. The addition of the lampwork beads with their blues and carnelian colour just adds to the wonderful mix in this handmade necklace - as do the 14 karat goldfilled charms hanging from the partial goldfilled chain. A long wavy lapis pendant is spiked with gold. A 14 karat goldfilled toggle clasp is the closure.
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lapis, carnelian, vermeil and gold-fill make up this handmade beaded necklace

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Austrian Crystal Necklaces with Swarovski Crystals

handmade necklaceMy Precious Heart
The sparkle factor of this necklace is unbelievable! Swarovski crystals in pinks and golds pick up the colors in the one of a kind lampwork heart pendant hanging from the center of the necklace. Sterling silver filigree Bali beads accent the necklace. This handmade necklace is the perfect necklace to wear for any special occasion or just when you want to feel special!
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swarovski crystal necklace

handmade necklace Eloquence
No, these are not quartz crystal! The faceted beads in this handmade necklace are of high-quality resin, one of the newest fashions in jewelry. The only difference you can tell between these resin beads and regular quartz crystal is the weight! The faceted beads hang from a larged-linked bright sterling silver chain that can go long or stay short - you decide. This handmade necklace is definitely for those who want to make a statement!
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handmade necklace Crystal Coral
Swarovski crystals in the shape of coral branches hang from a necklace made of Swarovski crystal bicones. This stunning handmade necklace is perfect for anytime of year, but will look especially cool in summer. The crystal coral branches are topped by Swarovski bicones in shadow. The necklace is full of sparkle and movement. The crystal coral branches hang from a sterling silver and crystal Swarovski necklace. If you want to sparkle, this is the necklace for you!
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swarovski crystal necklace

Wearing Cluny Grey jewelry means that wherever you go no one else will be wearing your necklace!

Our handmade necklaces can be sized to fit you uniquely in most cases. If you have a special outfit that you want to wear a necklace with that requires a certain length, let us know. Having the right necklace hang the perfect length can make all the difference in the way the necklace and you look!

handmade necklace
True Hearts
Swarovski crystals make any necklace special, but this handmade necklace with its 5 large Swarovski hearts really up the sparkle factor considerably! The center heart is copper colored and is surrounded by both clear crystal and red magma heart. The other Swarovski crystals in the necklace are clear and pale gold with the exception of two red butterflies on either side of the necklace. Sterling silver accents and sterling silver clasp. Simple, but oh so pretty!
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swarovski crystal necklace

Keep your handmade necklace in the cloth pouch that it comes in when you travel. Stones in different pieces can get scratched since gemstones have varying degrees of hardness

In a Golden Time
Golden Shadow Swarovski crystals have the perfect "gleam factor" for day or evening. This handmade necklace is actually a lariat with two Swarovski crystal rings of two different sizes hanging down in front although you can certainly turn it around and wear it the other way.... Large Swarovski crystals are round, graphic, cosmic and butterfly-shaped. Little bicones make up two loops that dangle the pretty cosmic rings that hang at two lengths. A scalloped toggle clasp (sterling silver, of course) joins the two parts of the necklace together. Some of our favorite Bali sterling silver beads accent the necklace including a large butterfly and a pyramid with bas-relief flowers on both sides. This wonderful colour, Golden Shadow, goes with so many things already in your closet, and is even more versatile because it features sterling silver. The gentle glow of the crystals will light up your face. See the matching bracelet on our Swarovski Crystal Bracelets page.
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handmade necklace of golden Swarovski crystalshandmade necklace
Click on image for a larger view. Swarovski crystal necklace

Handmade Necklaces - Miscellaneous

handmade necklaceMoonlight through Water
Do you have someone with a June birthday, but you're not sure of the birthstone she prefers? Here's the answer: a handmade necklace that features both of June's birthstones - the traditional moonstone (in this case rainbow moonstone) or the modern pearl (the pearl is also the Hindu birthstone for June). This beaded necklace has two strands; the beaded strand consists of Biwa freshwater pearls alternated with rainbow moonstones and periwinkle blue artist's lampwork beads in three different shapes. The longer strand is a sterling silver chain with little dangles of rainbow moonstone on either side of a sterling silver filigree orchid pendant from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Closure is a sterling silver "S" clasp with a flower perched atop. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

pearls, sterling silver, and moonstone are in this handmade necklace
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handmade necklace is made with sterling silver and genuine freshwater pearls Capricious Pearls
Yes, this is a handmade necklace although it resembles some that you may see by David Yurman or John Hardy (at a fraction of the cost). Large sterling silver links dangle beautiful lustrous cultured freshwater pearls in a trefoil shape as well as little rainbow moonstone cabochon charms. A cluster of the pearls hang from the large circle that is at the middle of the necklace. At 32 1/2 inches in length, the necklace can also be doubled and worn as a choker. Personal favorite!
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handmade necklace

Briolettes are teardrop shaped stones or beads that are not flat, but rounded on all sides