Prayer box necklaces are unique handcrafted jewelry by Cluny Grey
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Salvation Bracelets and Prayer Box Necklaces are two of our newest religious jewelry items.

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Prayer Box Necklaces

Prayer boxes probably originated in the Hindu or Buddhist faith, but are now popular with people of many different religions, including Christianity. The idea behind the prayer box is to focus one's mind on God and/or a special prayer that is important to the person.
Most prayer box necklaces that you see are simply a prayer box on a chain. Our necklaces are unique in that they unite the function and beauty of the prayer box with other elements including gemstones, pearls, coral and other sterling silver components. We hope that you enjoy our prayer box necklaces. Please note that we can also put a prayer box on a bracelet as well. Just ask.

We also have Salvation Bracelets

prayer box necklaceThe Charms of Faith
Prayer box necklace features silvery grey cultured freshwater pearls and sterling silver charms, beads, and little prayer box. A delightful gift for someone special. Write your special prayer for the person, fold it tightly and place it in the little prayer box. Sterling silver charms on this prayer box necklace include a Carpathian cross, a leaf, a heart rimmed with flowers, and a flower. The prayer box itself (sterling silver, of course) hangs from a flower-like charm. A precious way to say "I love you!"

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The pearl is a Christian symbol that sometimes represents Christ. The pearl also refers to Jesus' parable of the "pearl of great price" and is symbolic of the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, a prayer box necklace with pearls is especially meaningful.

prayer box necklace features gold vermeil and 14 karat goldfillPrayer Is Golden
This is the most unusual prayer box necklace we have because it is such a different shape than prayer boxes often are. This roundish prayer box is reticulated and opens so that you can put a prayer written on a small piece of paper in it. It is made of vermeil (gold layered over sterling silver) and topped with a garnet cabochon. The prayer box hangs from a 14 karat goldfilled chain of textured oval links. A vermeil toggle clasp is the closure.

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>We check our prayer boxes to make sure that they open and close before we put them on each prayer box necklace.

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prayer box necklace with heart pearls and cross charms in sterling silverPrayer for an Angel
Prayer box necklace handmade from Karen Hilltribes sterling silver chain with different charms hanging around the sterling prayer box. On one side of the necklace are three charms, two heart-shaped freshwater pearls and a triumphant angel, and on the other side hang a sterling cross with a cabochon pearl on both sides and another heart-shaped freshwater pearl. The prayer box itself opens and closes so that the tiniest slip of paper with a prayer written on it can be enclosed and worn as a reminder, a talisman, a token of your love. The prayer box necklace closes with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

larger image
Prayer for an Angel
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A prayer box necklace makes a thoughtful gift for your graduating daughter. She can wear it to college with a special prayer from you enclosed inside the prayer box charm, and feel that you are always thinking of her.

prayer box necklace has a sterling silver prayer box, coral, and silver charmsWishes of Faith
A sterling silver oval textured chain holds a sterling prayer box from Bali along with other meaningful charms. The prayer box itself is cylindrical with an intricate hand-decorated pattern on it. The top of the prayer box opens so that a slip of paper with your prayer on it can be inserted. On one side hangs a small sterling silver cross and a fat cross made of clear Swarovski crystal. On the other side, a reticulated cross and three sprigs of coral dangle above the prayer box. In Christian symbolism, coral is considered a protection against illness and disease.

Pay for prayer box necklace with a credit card or PayPal. prayer box necklace with a sterling silver prayer box, coral, Swarovski cross, and silver charms

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