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Shipping Information

Shipping first class in the USA is free! Once we have finished moving into our new offices/studio, our goal is to ship within 24 hours once you have paid and/or told us if you need sizing.
If you wish to have your jewelry shipped Priority mail or Overnight, please let us know by leaving a note when you pay for your jewelry or by e-mailing us at clunygre@clunygreyjewelry.com Priority shipping in the USA is 4.75 and Overnight shipping is 20.00 (where available; be aware that the USPS does not ship overnight to all USA cities). If you order before noon, we can usually ship Overnight on the same day if the jewelry does not require sizing.

Priority Shipping - USA only -4.95

Overnight Shipping - USA only - 20.00

Shipping to Other Countries

At Cluny Grey Jewelry, we are happy to ship to other countries when we are able to do so. We have shipped jewelry to most countries in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Our recommendation is to ship Global Priority which we believe to be the safest and fastest way to get your jewelry to you. Although shipping varies from country to country, we try to ship economically by using a flat-rate Global Priority envelope if possible.
Please be aware that for most of these countries, insurance is not available, and we cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of packages by postal services or Customs.

Please note that when we pay for your shipping to other countries, we do deduct the shipping amount from the amount that we refund should you return the jewelry.

Global Priority - U.K, Australia, and most of Europe
Flat-rate Envelope=$20.00
Note that your jewelry must fit into one of these flat-rate envelopes. True cost is 23.95, but we pay the part that domestic shipping would normally cost so you get a discount.

Click to purchase Global (International) Priority Shipping (where available)

Global Express -U.K, most of Europe Flat Rate Envelope=47.00
Note that your jewelry must fit into one of these flat-rate envelopes.

Click to purchase Global (International) Express Shipping

Shipping to Canada

We have many Canadian customers, and for those who opt for the equivalent of USA first class shipping, shipping is FREE. However, our experience with shipping to Canada has been extremely inconsistent. We have had packages arrive as early as a week to various provinces in Canada, but we have also had a few packages that took up to 6 weeks to arrive in the same areas of Canada. Please note that we have no control over this and we cannot predict or guarantee when your package will arrive in Canada. We have had more consistent results with using Global Priority mail to Canada. Please see information about Customs when shipping to Canada.

Global Priority to Canada Flat Rate Envelopes
Large envelope - 11.00
Note that your jewelry must fit into one of these flat-rate envelopes.

FLAT RATE ENVELOPE EXPRESS TO DUBAI (3-5 shipping days): 28.95

Customs Duties

Packages to other countries will go through your Customs Department. Some countries will charge you customs fees when you buy goods outside your own country, and you must pay those fees before you can receive your jewelry. Also, remember that many countries will tax only luxury items such as jewelry, so you may have to pay custom fees for jewelry that you haven't on different purchases from the same country. We are not responsible for your custom fees. They are a tax on you by your country. Please do not ask me to lie on US custom forms which I must fill out, including the value of the jewelry that I am shipping to you. It is illegal to lie on a US Customs form. This is true for Canada as well as other countries although in Canada because of NAFTA, you may be able to file a claim and get reimbursed (you must do that however; I cannot).


Almost all Cluny Grey Jewelry comes with a grey or blue velour, satin, or organza pouch - depending on the size and weight of the jewelry. The jewelry then is put in a dark blue jewelry box or in our personalized white Cluny Grey box. The jewelry is wrapped in blue and peach tissue paper inside the box and outside (and sometimes bubble wrap as well) and then placed in a large envelope (with the exception of Global Priority).
We also gift wrap free if you simply tell us the occasion.