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Unique Gemstone Jewelry

While we think that most of our gemstone jewelry is unique, the majority of our pieces do fit in categories. On this page we have unique gemstone jewelry that may not fit in these categories because it is made from unique or rare or unusual gemstones, such as charoite, andalusite, kunzite or sugilite, or it is a mixture of these gemstones resulting in a piece of, yes, unique gemstone jewelry. Remember that these are all one of a kind pieces that we do not duplicate.

unique gemstone jewelrySan Isabel
The blue of chalcedony (large faceted nuggets and smaller rounds), the bright orange-red of carnelian and artist's lampwork beads to tie the two together: what's not to love?A faceted nugget charm of orange carnelian hangs from one side of this unique bracelet which is accented by sterling silver from Bali. A sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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unique gemstone jewelry

unique gemstone jewelryLavender Blue
This piece of unique gemstone jewelry is a favorite! It has an eclectic mix of amethysts, cultured freshwater pearls, chalcedony, blue lace agate, sunstone, artist's lampwork beads and chalcedony! The second strand of this large bracelet is a chain featuring large links of sterling silver, both smooth and twisted, which dangle little charms of carved amethysts. A sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure. If you are looking for something especially unique, this is the bracelet for you!

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unique gemstone jewelry is an aventurine necklaceMelon Twist
This is a necklace that looks good enough to eat! It reminds me of a large fruit salad with chunks of mango, cantaloupe, watermelon, and pomegranate in it. One reason we consider it unique gemstone jewelry is because these are gemstones - namely aventurine! All the twist beads, the puffy squares, even the faceted large olive bead in the middle are aventurine although we've never had aventurine quite like this before. Colorful and bright, the color of fruit sherbets, this gemstone necklace can go to a garden party or a cocktail party and look beautiful against pale or tanned skin. Meant to be worn just below the hollow of the neck.

larger image
Melon Twist
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unique gemstone jewelry is a pair of aventurine earrings with sterlingPomegranate
This also is unique gemstone jewelry because it is the gemstone aventurine, but in quite an unusual color, and with beautiful faceting that makes these sparkle bright. The large olive shaped gemstone beads are enclosed between intricate sterling silver accents and topped with sterling rondelle beads; the earwires are kidney, that is, they are like most earwires except that they fasten in the back. A pretty flower decoration is on the front.

larger image
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pair of aventurine earrings with sterling chain is unique gemstone jewelryTropical Fruit
Very modern earrings are unique gemstone jewelry because of the delicious puffy squares of tropical coloured aventurine that make them a delight! Two squares hang from varying lengths of large round chain links on each earring. The earwires are sterling with a flat, shiny diamond on the front. You'll love these earrings!

larger image
Tropical Fruit
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unique gemstone jewelrySOLDQuatrefoilSOLD
I love gemstone jewelry with a unique mix of gemstones, like the bracelet here, for instance. Aquamarine, rose quartz, carnelian, emerald, and apatite are combined with sterling silver and an amazing artist's lampwork bead with a mixture of colors that echoes those of the gemstones. The sterling silver beads are intricately decorated and made by hand. A gemstone charm hangs next to the sterling silver toggle clasp. Bracelet is a unique piece to add to your gemstone jewelry collection!

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