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Unusual Jewelry

What makes jewelry unusual? Since we say that our handcrafted jewelry is unique - almost all of it is one of a kind - then what makes it unusual. The jewelry that you find on this page is unusual either because it is a mix of colours that are not usually used together, or perhaps a mix of gemstones with freshwater pearls and then some non-gemstone element such as Czech firepolished beads or polymer clay, or sometimes the unusual jewelry is here because it doesn't quite belong anywhere else on our website. For whatever reason you find it here, we hope that you enjoy our unusual jewelry.

unusual jewelry is a pair of earrings of fluorite, citrine and blue topazFleurs de Luxe
And deluxe these earrings certainly are! Earrings have an unusual color scheme that works beautifully. The top gemstones are genuine Swiss blue topazes - gem quality. Below them are exquisitely cut gem quality citrines. A 14 karat gold-filled bead tops the last gemstone: a carved flower of amethyst. The earwires are decorated with a single bead and all metal parts are 14 karat gold-filled. Personal favorite!

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multi-coloured gemstone bracelet with sterling silver and lampwork beads is unusual jewelryCacaphony
Or another name for this unusual bracelet could be "make a joyful noise"! Faceted rounds nuggets of chalcedony (blue and yellow) and carnelian (the orange) are mixed with colorful lampwork beads from one of our favorite artists and interesting sterling silver so that this piece of unusual jewelry shouts it joyful, colourful message. Have fun! And just think how many clothes in your wardrobe this will look good with - not to mention how it will liven up those neutrals you (like me!) insist on wearing all the time. All sterling silver.

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unusual jewelry is a handmade necklace with different gemstonesOsumare
This necklace is not for the faint of heart! Dripping with gemstones, this piece of unusual jewelry is to be treasured. It's full of aquamarines, citrines, rose quartz and peridots. There are three strands; the bottom strand is made of sterling silver chain with gemstone charms hanging from it. On the top strand, three gorgeous faceted rose quartz rectangles sparkle in the center. The second strand is chock full of large genuine aquamarine nuggets and rounds. Citrines and peridots provide wonderful accents for the aqua and the rose! If you like making an entrance, being the person with the unique look, or owning something unique, this necklace is for you. Wear it and stand tall! Personal favorite!

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unusual jewelry

unusual jewelry is a bracelet handmade of mookite and sterling silverBroken Hill
Unusual jewelry because it is made with a stone that you don't see that often anywhere, even on handcrafted jewelry sites. This is Australian mookite (sometimes spelled moukite), an opaque stone that comes in intense colours from brick red to brown to yellow as well as others. Here we've concentrated on the amber/brown and yellow/gold with faceted mookite rectangles and artist's lampwork beads. To make the bracelet even a bit more unusual, we've added some of our favorite heavier 4mm Thai Karen Hill Tribes chain (sterling, of course) and instead of letting it hang free as a second strand, we've attached it to four different places around the bracelet so that it has a scalloped effect. Little Hill Tribes sterling flowers hang at intervals as well, and the sterling toggle clasp mimics the scallops of the chain. Not for everyone, this piece of unusual jewelry will work for that person who seeks out what is different, what is unique, what is, well, unusual!

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unusual jewelry is a bracelet with muscovite, porcelain jasper, and sterling silverAraminta
An unusual mixture abides in this simple bracelet. It contains muscovite (a Russian stone with sparkles of mica embedded in it), both smooth and faceted, and porcelain jasper, delicately coloured with cream and white and mauvey tones and patterns. One single gold leaf lampwork lentil bead is from Robin Weber, a master lampworker. The remainder of this unusual bracelet is made up of intricately hand decorated sterling silver beads.and a sterling silver toggle clasp.

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unusual jewelryKusadasi
Why class this under unusual jewelry? The fantastic color of these stick pearls is unbelievable! Is the color maroon, burgundy, red? We just know that these large Swarovski crystals in their newer color "Red Magma" looks great with them. The unusual freshwater Biwa pearls have great lustre and sheen. A vermeil toggle clasp is the closure. Personal favorite!

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unusual jewelry

unusual jewelry is a bracelet with a large chunk of pineapple quartzJonquil
This unusual bracelet of pineapple quartz and citrine makes the unusual page because of the huge twisted and faceted nugget of pineapple quartz that takes center stage. This is hunky, chunky jewelry that no one will be able to miss. The sterling toggle clasp fastens in the front on one side of the large nugget.105.99

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Swarovski crystals and agate circle is unusual jewelryYin/Yang
This unusual bracelet features a large circle of black agate filled with Swarovski white opal crystals. Very large white opal crystal flank the circle also; the rest of the bracelet is a fun, slightly funky sterling silver chain made of diamond links separating large circle and flower shaped links. The sterling toggle clasp fastens on one side of the agate ring.

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unusual jewelry is a bracelet made with peach aventurine and boro lampwork beadsPeach Becomes Me
The prettiest aventurine that I've ever seen is in this bracelet! Peachy and tangerine coloured aventurine beads, lovely borosilicate lampwork beads, and sterling silver make this gemstone bracelet an unusual colour. The second strand is a large, heavy sterling link chain from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Flower charm and toggle clasp with flower decoration are also from the Karen Hill Tribes. Gorgeous colour.

larger image
Peach Becomes Me
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lampwork beads of blue and tan make unusual jewelryThe Earth Sings
Lampwork beads are unusually pretty - a matte surface of intense blue with wonderful brown accents, a combination one doesn't see very often. Swarovski crystals pick up the blue of the lampwork while pietersite enhances the brown. Bright sterling silver accents include a lacy filigree flower and a flower-decorated toggle clasp.

larger image
The Earth Sings
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Unusual jewelry sets you apart and enhances your clothing and you!


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