Victorian style jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by Cluny Grey
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Salvation Bracelets and Prayer Box Necklaces are two of our newest religious jewelry items.

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Victorian Style Jewelry

Victorian style jewelry reflects designs common during the period of the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1830-1901. Victorian jewelry incorporated themes from nature so flowers, lovebirds, animals and insects featured predominantly in the jewelry. Symbolism also played a part in the jewelry since Victorians were very aware of symbolic meanings of flowers, animals, gemstones, and other natural elements.
The Victorian Age also awakened an interest in several periods of history, namely the Etruscan, Classical, and Renaissance and elements associated with these eras are to be found in many of the designs. Filigree was especially popular and formed the base for rings, brooches, necklaces, and bracelets.

victorian style jewelry is Lydia
A bracelet inspired by a similar Victorian bracelet, but with a totally modern chain. Bracelet is gold-plated brass with a medallion and filigree. The medallion has vintage pink rhinestones above and below it. Classic themes were often used in Victorian jewelry.

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victorian style jewelry is Sarah Grace
The silver-plated filigree is strewn with flower and swirling leaves; an open flower with 2 leaves sits atop the filigree and boasts a large pale blue rhinestone in the center. Four chains on either side of the filigree link the bracelet to the toggle clasp, a curving leaf. This is one of the most feminine bracelets ever and looks good with casual and dressy clothing.

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victorian style jewelry is

victorian style jewelry is a pendant necklace with dangling crystalsRosamund
Gold-plated filigree upon filigree makes this lacy pendant perfectly feminine. The palest pinkish rhinestone is in the center of this Victorian style pendant. We really love the dangling baroque champagne freshwater pearls hanging from three points on the pendant. While this is Victorian style jewelry, it also has a middle eastern look as well. A pretty gold-plated oval linked chain holds the pendant. Personal favorite!

Pay for Victorian style jewelry with a credit card or Paypal.