agate jewelry is unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Cluny Grey Jewelry; 120 West Walnut; Blytheville, AR 72315

Agate has been growing ever more popular. The pages and counters of Saks, Neiman-Marcus, and Nordstrom are filled with agate jewelry, but none more beautiful than the pieces that we have here - which also happen to be much more affordable. If you don't see the agate you are interested in represented here, let us know. We have moss agate, Botswana agate, crazy lace agate in different colours including yellow, pink and purple, Indian agate. You will find our Fire Agate Jewelry and Blue Lace Agate Jewelry on their own pages.

Agate Bracelets

blue agate bracelet with sterling silverBlue Planets
The stars of this agate bracelet are the wonderful faceted round blue, slightly translucent agates that are wrapped with sterling silver and strung together to form the body of the bracelet. The blue agates have a crackled appearance that adds to the texture and interest of the bracelet. Charms of agate and sterling silver coins hang at intervals from the bracelet. One strand of the three is made up entirely of tiny Thai Karen Hill Tribes sterling beads. One strand has oval links with sterling charms. The sterling toggle clasp is the closure. Personal favorite!

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blue agate bracelet

agate braceletMew!
The ideal bracelet for cat lovers who also love jewelry! A carved agate cat is the focal point of the bracelet with chunky faceted agate nuggets and carnelian rounds on either side. A hand-decorated sterling toggle clasp from Bali is the closure. The cat sits flat on your wrist. Let me size it for you so that it fits just right!

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agate bracelet

blue agate braceletAs Blue As Can Be
These faceted oval agates are as blue as can be! If you love a chunky bracelet, then this agate bracelet is for you. Punctuated only by tiny bits of sterling silver between the oval agates, blue is the real statement here. A large sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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blue agate bracelet with blue agate ovals

agate bead bracelet with grey and black agateDusk
Some of my favorite agate nuggets are in this agate bracelet. These magnificent agates are a combination of black and grey with a slight translucency. The accents are 14 karat goldfill - a wonderful foil to the luscious nuggets. Elegant, chunky. Personal favorite!

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agate bead braceletUnknown Depths
This agate bracelet is one that you have to see to believe. The large agate nuggets here are a mixture of grey and brown and beige - it's really difficult to say what color they are, but the thing is that they are absolutely beautiful. They are definitely neutral, and there is something compelling about them (don't just think muddy color). Yes, I had to have a bracelet from these myself, and then I ordered more of these wonderful agate nuggets. Here I've mixed the nuggets with genuine rubies, faceted rondelles, to give a punch of color to the neutral and added accents in 14 karat goldfill, including the toggle clasp. The agate nuggets are quite large, flat and faceted so even though they are large, they lie flat on your wrist.

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black agate bracelet with onyxParty Girl
Faceted black onyx olive beads reflect the light in this agate bracelet made also with hot pink crazy lace agate and a large black agate round focal and a triangular toggle shape with a cabochon agate in it. The two strands have a lot of presence on your wrist. We can add charms if you like the dangly look! All sterling silver components.

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pink agate braceletRubicund

  • Pink agate
  • 14k gold-filled beads and toggle clasp

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pink agate bracelet

agate bead bracelet with onyxSpeckled Fantasy
There are so many varieties of agate that it is astounding! This agate bracelet has speckled agate beads in pinks and beiges with hints of translusence here and there so that they have a wonderful depth to them. The agate beads are almost heart-shaped; some are oval. The agate is joined by matching pink artist's lampwork beads and little sterling silver flower charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Very feminine and flirty!

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agate bead bracelet with sterling silver

Our agate bead bracelets can be sized free of charge to fit you the way you like; if you have a particularly small or large wrist, make sure we know this so that your bracelet will be perfect for you!

black agate bracelet with onyxSophistication
Large ovals of black agate are set off by little faceted genuine ruby rondelles and sterling silver. The smooth agate ovals have loads of shine, and the rubies are a perfect foil for them! This wonderful agate bracelet can go casual or dressy so that it is very versatile. It has a good weight and shows up well on your wrist.

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pink Botswana agate is featured in this pink agate bracelet Frolic in the Waves
Yes, this is an agate bracelet! The agate is pink Botswana agate, one of our favorites for its wonderful patterns and colours that just can't be beat. Here Cluny has mixed it with sterling silver elements including sea-themed charms, a starfish, a sand dollar, and a seahorse. This feminine agate bracelet will look great with neutrals and blend beautifully with pinks, peaches, mauves, and crams. It's a perfect wardrobe mixer when you need a special touch.

Pay for agate bracelet with a credit card or PayPal.


Cluny Grey Jewelry; 120 West Walnut; Blytheville, AR 72315