Aquamarine bracelets are unique handcrafted jewelry by Cluny Grey
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Aquamarine Bracelets

Why Aquamarine? It's a classic stone with a beautiful color that can look fresh and modern! It will always have value. Genuine natural aquamarine gemstones are combined with lampwork glass,and sterling silver for an exciting new look in these one of a kind aquamarine bracelets and bracelet sets. Aquamarine bracelets make great gifts - especially for those who have a birthday in March since aquamarine is the March birthstone.

Aquamarine is a natural gemstone that will always be in style; the gem stone itself has a historical significance and is said to have certain metaphysical properties such as the ability to increase intellectual ability and communication skills. Aquamarine is also a cool and calming stone.

Aquamarine Bracelets

aquamarine braceletOcean Enchantment
These faceted aquamarine rondelles are sparkling and a pretty blue. The crowning glory is the natural abalone shell bead that is slightly off-center and embraced by fluted 14 karat gold-filled beads. The luminous quality of the abalone is beautiful no matter which side is facing up. The closure is a twisted design toggle clasp in 14 karat gold-fill.

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aquamarine bracelet

aquamarine braceletDawn at Sea
The variety of our aquamarine bracelets is delightful. Cluny loves to mix the pretty blue to green shades of aquamarines with many different gemstones for many different looks. Here the beautiful blue of the aquamarines you see here are paired with genuine sunstone for a warm/cool combination. tiny faceted sterling silver Thai Karen Hill Tribes beads form most of one of the two strands in this bracelet and Karen Hill Tribes sterling flower charms hang at intervals from the bracelet. A square lacey toggle clasp is the closure. Aquamarine bracelet is all sterling silver and gemstones. Gorgeous for summer!
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aquamarine bracelet

aquamarine braceletCaress
The caress of the sea and of the sun at the beach inspired this aquamarine bracelet with two faceted nuggets of citrine. The spiral charms of sterling silver are reminiscent of sea life; the two sterling beads are handmade that I directly imported from Bali. A sterling silver toggle clasp is the closure.

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aquamarine bracelet

If you see the word SOLD beside the title of one of our aquamarine bracelets, that means that the bracelet is no longer available. Ask us if we can make something similar for you!

aquamarine braceletSolange
Three strands of one of our favorite combinations: aquamarine, sterling silver, and rubies! The rubies, faceted rondelles, mingle with rondelles and faceted nuggets of aquamarine as well as some of our favorite silver, including the tiniest little beads from the Karen Hill Tribes in Thailand. The rubies are a pretty opaque pinkish red. All accents are sterling silver. Looks great with office wear or evening wear. Personal favorite!
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We love aquamarines! Our aquamarine bracelets are not the only ones that may have aquamarines in them - check our Ruby Bracelets and our Citrine Braceletsas well!

aquamarines, lampwork, and sterling silver make up this aquamarine braceletDance of the Waves
Aquamarine bracelet has a magnificent blue diamond-shaped faceted focal aquamarine at its center. Faceted aquamarine nuggets and smooth rondelles are on either side of the focal. Toward the ends of the bracelet are faceted peridot rondelles in a gorgeous green colour that looks great with the aquamarine. The second strand is made up of one of Cluny's favorite twisted ovals chains; it holds a single pendant like charms of sterling silver with a bezel-set faceted peridot in its center. A sterling silver square toggle clasp is the closure. Aquamarine bracelet can be size adjusted if you wish.
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aquamarine braceletFree Verse
Aquamarine pairs beautifully with many different gemstones, but looks especially lovely with genuine rubies. In this aquamarine bracelet, faceted ruby rondelles and faceted slabs of blue aquamarines are accented with highly decorated sterling silver pieces from Bali and the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. The second strand of the bracelet is a gorgeous brushed chain (sterling) dangling three rubies. The large squarish toggle clasp is the crowning touch to an aquamarine bracelet you'll adore!
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ruby bracelet with aquamarine gemstoneNature's Bounty
That wonderful mix! Aquamarines and rubies join together once again for a smashing bracelet. the aquamarines are blue; the rubies are a pinkish red. The sterling silver accents are wonderful on this aquamarine bracelet. The sterling silver Hill Tribes heart charm is engraved with a fish motif, while a large snail-like shell bead is on one side of the focal. Another bead has crescent moons and stars. The fantastic sterling silver toggle is exceptional! The toggle is in the shape of a star, while the bar is a crescent moon with a face carved into it. You'll love this aquamarine bracelet!>
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We can usually size our aquamarine bracelets to fit you, and we do it free of charge!

aquamarine bracelet with sterling silverCapture the Flower
One of my favorite combinations - aquamarines and rose quartz - the combination is just plain pretty! This aquamarine bracelet has two strands of the rose quartz and aquamarines accented by pretty sterling silver such as the large butterfly bead on the right. Sterling charms hang at intervals from the bracelet; the closure is a great sterling box clasp with a cabochon rose quartz bezel-set into its top. Rose quartz is faceted; aquamarines are both faceted and smooth.

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If you are an international customer, WELCOME! We ship all over the world; however, before we ship your aquamarine bracelet, you must pay for international shipping by going to Shipping Information and paying the shipping cost. If you wish shipment by another method, please let us know.

"Their legs long, delicate and slender, aquamarine their eyes,/ Magical unicorns bear ladies on their backs." William Butler Yeats

aquamarines, lampwork, and sterling silver make up this aquamarine braceletSanta Maria
Large aquamarine slabs are faceted and polished to capture the light. Artist's lampwork beads pick up the aquamarine colour and add a touch of pink and ivory. Sterling silver accents are from Bali and the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Aquamarine bracelet can be sized slightly larger or smaller to fit your wrist.
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In the Medieval tale Piers the Plowman (c.1377), aquamarines are referred to as "ewages."

aquamarines, labradorite, and sterling silver make up this aquamarine braceletSailing the Turquoise Waters
Labradorite and aquamarine is a match made in heaven! The aqua blue flash of the labradorite catches the blue of the pretty aquamarines and flatters both in this aquamarine bracelet. Three large thick faceted flat nuggets of aquamarine are separated by sterling silver (wonderfully intricate Bali sterling silver beads) and labradorite. Three special aquamarine charms hang like little snowbell flowers from near the center of the bracelet. The freeform sterling silver toggle clasp is decorated with flowers both on the loop and the bar. Personal favorite!

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aquamarine bracelet has sterling silver and labradorite with large aquamarine nuggets

If you need matching earrings for our aquamarine bracelets, see our Aquamarine Earrings page.

aquamarine braceletFlowers on the Waves
Lovely blue faceted nuggets and rondelles make up this aquamarine bracelet with its flower theme. There are flower and leaf charms in sterling silver hanging from 3 points on the bracelet and the prettiest sterling silver toggle clasp with a flower on both the toggle bar and the toggle ring. Aquamarine bracelet is all genuine aquamarines and sterling silver.
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aquamarine bracelet

aquamarines, lampwork, and sterling silver make up this aquamarine braceletA Friendly Persuasion
Double strands of aquamarines and yellow and aqua lampwork beads have little charms of citrine, aquamarines, and sterling hanging at intervals. Aquamarine bracelet has sterling circles ending one strand for interest and complexity. Sterling toggle clasp.

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aquamarine braceletLeblon
It's named after a famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, but this aquamarine bracelet will look right at home in your jewelry wardrobe. The aquamarines are a lovely aqua blue color, both the faceted nugget and the faceted rondelles. The marquise cultured freshwater pearls have a lovely nacre and gleam beautifully. Bali sterling silver accents the bracelet which closes with a swirling toggle clasp decorated with flowers. To the right of the focal nugget hangs a blue topaz charm; the blue topaz is the same blue as the aquamarine. All sterling silver.

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aquamarine bracelet

>Remember that our aquamarine bracelets are unique, one of a kind, so if you see the word "SOLD" by the name of a bracelet, that means that it is unavailable. Contact us about making a new bracelet for you in a similar style.


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