opal necklaces are unique handcrafted jewelry by artisan Cluny Grey
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Opal Necklaces

Wonderful pink and blue Peruvian opals! Enjoy them, and if you own jewelry, save your opal jewelry, because according to some sources, the mines for the Peruvian opals will be played out before long. I love Peruvian opals, pink or blue, and I love to work with them. A word of warning though: if you do not like inclusions in jewelry, avoid our Peruvian opal jewelry. While we do have some non-included (to the naked eye) opals, they are rare, and I put off using them often. I much prefer using the pink opals that may be heavily included but that are often also a dark or bright pink or those opals that have areas of translucency. Because pink opals vary so much in their coloration, I go through strands and strands usually to match tones - peachy tones, beige tones, pink tones - and stones that are similarly included with black or brown or even a yellowish tint. So you've been warned! These stones are not perfect - but again, that is one reason that I love them so.

opal necklace handmade of blue Peruvian opals and goldChincha Baja
This wonderful opal necklace is made special by being wrapped in 14 karat gold-filled chain of different sizes. The Peruvian blue opal nuggets are large and gorgeous: this is quite a statement necklace! The accents, large Bali beads, are gold vermeil (22 karat gold layered over sterling silver). This opal necklace will be quite an addition to your jewelry wardrobe! A vermeil "S" clasp is the closure.

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opal necklace handmade of blue Peruvian opals and gold

opal necklaceCross My Heart
Rough Peruvian pink opal nuggets are polished smooth and show inclusions for an organic look in this opal necklace. The necklace is accented by Bali sterling silver beads and by artist's lampwork beads. A single long pendant is made from a Peruvian pink opal nugget and is topped by dainty handcrafted sterling silver. The closure for the necklace is a sterling silver toggle clasp. Please click on the picture to get a larger image.

larger image
Cross My Heart
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opal necklace

opal necklace handmade of pink Peruvian opals and sterling silverPink Passion
Opal necklace is made with Peruvian pink opals and sterling silver. It has a sterling silver chain strand that goes partially around the main strand of pink opals and dangles a pretty pink opal nugget and two sterling silver filigree charms.

larger image
Pink Passion
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opal necklace

opal necklace handmade of blue Peruvian opals and sterling silverMachu Mist
The three blue opal pendants are lovely blue Peruvian opal smooth pendant beads that are alternated with some of my favorite silver-laced lampwork beads by Annie Divelbiss. The other four large nuggets are also blue Peruvian opal although as is typical of much blue opal they are very included and some have a greenish to yellowish tinge. The upper part of the necklace has a mixture of alternating labradorite rondelles (with flash that is hard to see in the photo) and genuine Australian opal chips. All metal components are sterling silver.

larger image
Machu Mist
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opal necklace