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Ankle Bracelets are Here!

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Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are classic; they look great with every outfit from office to weekend to formal occasions. Here Cluny does her own twists on the chain bracelet, adding gemstones, mixing chains, and weaving new designs. All the chain bracelets are either sterling silver or 14 karat goldfill.

We can make chain bracelets with your birthstone or any combination of gemstones that you wish. Let us spell out your name in gemstones on a chain bracelet.

Silver Chain Bracelets

quartz clasp in sterling silver enhances this silver chain braceletPutting on the Ritz
One of my favorite silver chain bracelets is this 5 strand bracelet with a large round box clasp in sterling silver. The box clasp has a bezel-set clear stone surrounded by beaded decoration. The faceted stone sparkles wonderfully and the clasp adds a the crowning touch to the five strands. The five strands of sterling silver chain are made of varying sizes and textures of oval links. This wonderful chain bracelet looks great with jeans, goes to work with you, and is perfect for a cocktail party. Silver chain bracelet is all sterling silver.

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chain bracelet with sapphire charmsPlaying for Keeps
This chain bracelet boasts a mixture of chains and different charms from the Thai Karen Hill Tribes. Large, small and medium sterling silver chains dangle flower, heart, and animal charms. The closure for this chain bracelet is a double diamond toggle clasp with a black onyx cabochon bezel-set into the diamond. All sterling silver. We can also add sterling silver charms or gemstone charms to the bracelet at your request.

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silver chain bracelet with drops of ruby rondellesRuby Raindrops
It's all about the circle here! A simple chain bracelet made by Cluny of hefty sterling silver rings dangles four pretty faceted ruby rondelles. The toggle clasp continues the circle theme with a circle clasp with cutouts of little half-spirals. Silver chain bacelet is all sterling silver.

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Chain bracelets can be one of the least intrusive bracelets to wear, especially at work. A simple chain bracelet with gemstones in the chain will not make noise or otherwise be a distraction when writing or typing.

silver chain bracelet has a clasp with a cabochon moonstoneSilvery Moon
Another yummy silver chain bracelet with a stunning box clasp, this time in an oval shape with an embedded flashing rainbow moonstone. A rope detail surrounds the bezel-set moonstone. The chain is a special one, large and designed to lie relatively flat against your wrist. Like so many chain bracelets, this one is perfect with casual wear, career wear, and dress. All sterling silver.

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gold and silver chain braceletLinkedIn
Can't decide whether gold or silver would look best with your outfit? Then wear both! It's certainly an option I exercise regularly. And this bracelet with its marriage of sterling silver chain and shiny links of 14 karat gold-fill will solve the "what metal do I wear" problem perfectly. My favorite part of this bracelet: the little bead charms that hang from the bracelet, so dainty, so pretty. A gold-filled toggle clasp is the closure. The bracelet is made up of three strands of rings and chain which will wrap your wrist in perfect taste. Personal favorite!

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gold and silver chain bracelet

Welcome, International Customers! If you are buying a gold or silver chain bracelet, please stop by our page to pay for Global Shipping.

Gold Chain Bracelets

Gold chain bracelets are a personal favorite, plain or with gemstones. I wear a gold chain bracelet everyday, and usually pair it with one or more gold and gemstone chain bracelets. All the gold bracelets below are constructed from 14 karat gold fill.

gold chain braceletJessica
This chain bracelet features pretty gemstones: pineapple quartz, aquamarine, ruby, sunstone, and chrysoprase, and a sapphire that dangles from one side of the bracelet. The closure is a simple gold toggle clasp.

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chain bracelet in goldBrittney
This chain bracelet is heavier on the gemstones and lighter on the gold chain with simple links only to hold the gemstones together. The gemstones are all chalcedony in the tones of sienna, red, parrot green, aqua, yellow, green. A gold lobster clasp is the closure. Wear this chain bracelet alone or layered with a plain gold chain. Either way, it will look great!

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gold chain bracelet has precious and semi-precious gemstonesKimberly
This chain bracelet has a mix of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Aquamarine, rhodochrosite, chalcedony, apatite, ruby, and sapphire are held together by large gold rings. A gold toggle clasp is the closure. Personal favorite!

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gold chain bracelet with rubiesThe Midas Touch
For those who like a full look, this chain bracelet features three strands of large oval links in 14 karat gold fill. One single gemstone, a ruby topped with a fluted accent, hangs near the center of the bracelet. Chain bracelet has a plain gold toggle clasp. All 14 karat gold fill.

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